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Reply To: Lussy is assigned to a dorm room (are you my roommate?)


I continue to move faster listening to Jolene purr in delight. I think no matter what happens, we will always have this special moment between us. Looking down at her it suddenly registers I’ve seen her before, from those Coxx brand films. How did she end up here? This makes my cock swell up even more if that’s possible. But I realize it’s just her boi pussy contracting tighter around my shaft as she suddenly screams out in ecstasy, and her clitty oozes out a small cummy puddle. This is too much for me and I pull out of her knowing I want to finish in her mouth and squirt some on those fantastic star tits. 

Wasting no time in her own pleasure, she scurries to her knees in front of me, instinctively knowing I’m about to blow my load, when our room door opens with a loud bang. A male and female guard enter holding some nylon ropes and they look at us angrily. It’s because of slut trash like you two that we have to monitor every hour instead of getting to relax at night. She sees our chastity belts on the floor. No Chastity!? That’s a Serious violation. Cumming without permission is a Serious violation. About to cum without permission is a Serious violation. Lussy, you will have at least a week in detention for this. 

She roughly grabs Jolene by the hair and spits in her face, Maybe you need a group of us guards to extinguish your cock hunger problem. The male guard standing behind Lussy takes two fingers and jams them up her asshole. His lips brushing my ear as he speaks, Yup, no night time butt plug. Another violation. 

The female guard positions Jolene facing away from me, and instructs the male guard to bring me over, Jerk that one off into her hair. The male continues to thrust his fingers in my ass while he grips my cock so painfully tight that it hurts as he strokes it vigorously. The female guard holds Jolene by her chin and calmly talks to her. You’re going to get your pretty hair soaked in all that sticky cum, and tomorrow you’re going to wake up, take your bath, do your makeup, but you will NOT wash your hair. All day you will walk around with that dry messy cum hair and let everyone see just what a stupid dirty whore you are. I’ll leave it up to your more talented instructors to determine how to deal with you. 

The male guard ruins my orgasm as my hefty built up load empties into Jolenes lovely blonde hair. Smear it in with her face, the female guard orders. The male guard kicks at my knee to lower me and shoves my face into the back of Jolene’s head, rubbing it all around. Several hair strands dangle stuck to my cheeks as he pulls my head away. Lock them back in their chastities, she says disgustedly. My now flaccid dick easily fits back inside the belt. The guards then tie our wrists behind our backs, locking us together back to back. Now put Lussy’s dirty panties into Jolene’s mouth, and her panties into Lussy’s. Let that taste remind you this evening who it was that forced you into this punishment tonight. 


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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