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A forced feminization fantasy…

This website is a work of fiction intended to provide a safe space to explore erotic fantasies of domination and submission.  If stories, games and role play of men being forced into becoming helpless female sex slaves it problematic to you, then now is the time to jump ship.  The material here is for ages 18 and up.  No exceptions.


Work has resumed

I am neck deep in fixing the CPU issues with the hope and intention of reopening registration and getting us back to some semblance of

Work in Progress

UPDATE: 12/10 – 

After an unexpected interruption, work has resumed on getting this site back open, functional and ready for use.  

This week the focus has been on getting the dominant side of the introduction to stop crashing the site.  This has required a basic rework of the entire section on the backend, resulting in the same process, but less ‘automation’ which seems to be one of the big culprits for instability. 

The dominant portion of the site is 95% reworked and is now in the cleaning and fixing stages.  

The Submissive Intro needs the same rework and that begins this afternoon.

Apologies to everyone who has been patiently (or frustratingly) waiting for this site to be back.  This was not the year I intended when it set out, but here we are.  

More to come shortly.