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Another week, and another few steps forward and a few steps back.  Battling with themes and plugins, during what is undeniably the busiest part of the year.  Not exactly the way I wanted to enter February… but progress continues and I hope to have a lot more to show by the weekend.  Fingers crossed.


A lot of progress was made this weekend. Still a ways to go, but things are slowly starting to take some shape. It is amazing how much the site has evolved over the last few years and trying to get some of that evolution back is proving tricky… but we are working through it. Thank you for your patience and please touch base on discord or patreon if you can… It should not be much longer I hope…


I am planning to take the weekend to work on getting the site back into a bare bones usability with the intention of reopening next week. I apologize to everyone for both the downtime and loss of all of this… I hope you’ll come back next week and kick off this new adventure with me.


As you can see we are in day two of ‘operation salvage’. I am making every effort to get the community back up into a bare bones useability so that I can open things back up for everyone.

There is still no word from our previous host with regards to access to the backups. Grrr..

As you can already see, the semblance of things are starting to take some shape. Stay tuned.

1/14/2023: AN UPDATE ON LIL

Last week, our hosting provider terminated our service with no notice due to a breach of Terms of Service. While there has been no communication as to the cause (and all emails and tickets submitted have been met with silence), this is probably due to the adult nature of the site.

Long term members of LIL will know that this has been an ongoing battle with us trying to maintain an erotica nature in a community that can get a little thirsty sometimes.

We are currently working to get back up and running.

The devastating thing for us is that our backups were done daily by the hosting provider and we have no access to them. I take full responsibility for this and should have been more diligent about keeping a manual copy. I am still maintain some hope that we might be able to snag a backup…. but with each day of radio silence from our previous host, that hope diminishes a little.

The good news is: we will preservere. The site will return. This community continues to be awesome, supportive and wonderful. I will continue to update here and if you want more frequent news and to keep in touch with the community I encourage you to join the discord server and/or the check the public posts on the patreon page.

Thank you for your love and support and stay tuned for more.

-Lissa D.

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