When it Rains, it POURS

When it rains, it pours

So in case you missed it, last week our site went down for a couple of days.  I apologize for the downtime… as always, things waited to go FUBAR as we packed ourselves and essential belongings into a tiny car and fled the east coast.

The good news is that our new site allowed a single push of a button to ‘rewind’ the site to a previously working state.   Now that I know that, this makes for a much easier emergency fix process than I’ve ever had with this place before.

The bad news is that I’m still not entirely certain what caused our 500 Error.  I’ll investigate more when I can sit down with an actual computer, with an actual internet connection.

In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy our mandatory break caused by that bitch Florence and try to stay dry.  Love and soppy wet kissy to all.

UPDATE:  This was supposed to be posted two days ago but somehow became delayed via the post setting.  All is well and thank you as always for the love and concern.

  1. Michelle Bubbles 8 months ago

    Happy that the site is much more manageable in this new form! Also, did not know you lived in the east coast! Glad to know you girls are all safe and hope Florence doesn’t break your stuff while you are away!!

  2. Tiffy 8 months ago

    Sorely missed Locked In Lace for those days. Thank you, Miss Melissa (and many others) for creating this wonderful place for us!
    I hope the storm didn’t cause any further problems for you.

  3. Lovekitten 8 months ago

    So glad you were able to safely flee the areas of florance.

  4. Misty 8 months ago

    As i sed so many times before this happens Lissa (cool face ) Stay dry and above al SAFE Ladies

  5. Beneathuk 8 months ago

    Ah tropical storms. Thank goodness I live in a country where extreme weather and destructive storms are comparatively rare. Glad you are safe.

  6. Vicki Leone 8 months ago

    Glad you all are okay!

  7. (R)Owen(a) Hero 7 months ago

    How are things going? It’s been a month now so an update of some kind would be nice.

  8. Natasha 7 months ago

    Running away from Hurricanes is always a good idea. I’m also relieved that you’re OK and join those wishing for you to return to an intact home. Here in the UK 2 inches of rain, more than 2 days without rain, any snow at all, and autumn leaves will bring the country to a standstill. If the scientists are right and hurricanes do make it here in future we’ll be straight back to the horse and cart.

  9. Shelley Roses 7 months ago

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  10. Shelley Roses 5 months ago

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  11. Shelley Roses 5 months ago

    I will always know my wife did this to me . She told me after we were married that I was going to be female in body appearance. The truth was we worked together to get me accepted as first effeminate and then a transgender male to female. She told me when she first saw me she wanted to turn me into a female husband. I let her do it slowly at first. I was just an effeminate male who waxed his arms And legs . And omg , I was shaving under my arms . My wife tied my legs and arms tightly to the bedpost when she OMG shaved my arms AND then arched my eyebrows so that NOW MY FACE WAS A WOMAN’S face . I begggged her to put lots of makeup on me to look pretty. I was terrified of being humiliated and embarrassed in public as a man ! in women’s clothing. ? I was really scared of not passing in public. I feel like I’m lost as my masculinity is gone and I will probably never be masculine again. Right now I’m trying to be the Pretty Woman . I need a real man now to live me

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