Weekend Assignment – Lip Obsession – August 10, 2018

OOC:  The following is a fictional assignment that can be done in Real Life™.  Please only do so if you are able and consider it arousing and fun.  

The week is almost over my little pets.  I hope you are all enjoying your time here, but as the weekend approaches, I expect you to invest a little more time into your feminization.

I assume you have all completed the quizzes and the homework for both the lessons currently available on this site:  How to Curtsey and How to Apply Lipstick.  Please remember to continue to practice these skills.  Which leads us to your assignment for this weekend.

As you all should know by now, it is imperative that Sissies stay perpetually aroused and frustrated.  What many Sissies find happening when in this frustrating state, is that other areas of their bodies begin to become erogenous.  This weekend we are going to focus on developing an erogenous zone.  In this case:  Your Lips.


With your Lipstick now a focus of your ongoing Sissy Assignments we are going to spend this weekend making them an obsession.  Every time you become aroused this weekend, you may touch yourself only long enough to be frustrated but not fulfilled.  You will NOT cum.  Instead you will tease your lips instead.  Lightly run your finger (preferably wet with your arousal) along your lips for no less than one minute every time the urge to cum arises within you.  Focus all of your arousal on your lips and learn to love touching them and having them touched.

You will want to lightly caress them, focusing on how they feel to be touched and used.  Always leave your mouth slightly open as you do this.  Remember… you will NOT cum.

By Sunday, you will want to be doing this almost obsessively… anytime you can.  You may use any object you wish as well as your finger at this point.  I recommend a pen, or something else  hard and long.

Please document how this feels and your progress in the comments below.  Good students will be rewarded.

Have a good weekend Sissies… and remember:  Sissies edge and do NOT cum.

  1. Aisha 11 months ago

    I practiced touching my lips as I was reading this article. My lips are wet now and I am very aroused.

    I will continue to practice this feminine skill allll weekend! 🙂

  2. Deanna 11 months ago

    Constantly running my tongue around my lips. My nipples are very hard. There is a damp spot in my panties.

    • John Strong 11 months ago

      Deanna, you naughty minx. No cumming is allowed. Please report to my office immediately for correction.

      • Deanna 11 months ago

        (Whiny voice) But I didn’t!!

        • Author
          Melissa 11 months ago

          Now, now Deanna, you know better than to argue. Report to Mr. Strong for punishment. *evil grin*

          • Deanna 11 months ago

            Where??? How do I get to His office? I DON”T WANNA!!!

  3. chloebimbo 11 months ago

    Dripping and drooling…

  4. dani 11 months ago

    OMG… my girlfriend/keyholder absolutely loves this challenge…. three times a day I rub my lips with my finger wet with my arousal and each night she ties me up and blindfolds me and spends an hour teasing my quivering lips…. last night at some point a masculine hand took over and before I knew it…. he had me sucking on his thumb….

    My gf/kh has promised tonight will be a night to remember….

  5. Sissy 11 months ago

    I discovered a new erogenous zone of my female body. Thank you so much mistress!

  6. Calli 10 months ago

    Wow this was an amazing challenge, I have to confess when I tried it I may have given in to the suggested option of using something hard and long that wasn’t a pen… *blush*.. Looking forward to more of theses.

  7. Chrissy S 10 months ago

    I was just practicing this and got my lips so coated with my arousal, just couldn’t help but lick them…yum. Is it ok to lick up the clear deliciousness Mistress?

  8. Sissyjane 9 months ago

    I painted my lips and touched these lips several times and felt the softness of my lips and also the desire to touch more erogenous zones.

  9. CeCe6996 9 months ago

    Wow. The best feeling I had this weekend was edging and coating my lips with my arousal. Thank you.

  10. Dana 8 months ago

    I am starting to do this too much… I dont want this to become an obbsession… But I can’t seem to stop 🙁

  11. Becca 7 months ago

    A wonderful sensual way to arouse myself. My nipples get hard and I feel her move in my panties💃

  12. teri gurl 5 months ago

    This is just so damn’d sexy … I may be late starting but I’ll do my utmost to catch up

  13. Sissy Sub Erica 5 months ago

    Mmmm… I absolutely love this, especially when I’m wearing lipstick. I find myself thinking about it all the time… thinking about the next time I can coat my lips with my arousal, let it dry, then lick my lips. doing this helps prolong being aroused. It also allows you to enjoy this in front of others without them being any the wiser to the fetish your enjoying in their presence! Thank you, Melissa!

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