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The next big thing…

So I’ve been soliciting advice on what to do next.  There were quite a few options, but hands down the thing that seems to keep coming back up onto the plate from everyone is… when do we get the next interactive game like The Office.

It’s funny… that ponderous behemoth that I made so many years ago, continues to be a big draw for this place even now… even with all the other interactive fiction and what-not going around.

I will admit… it’s daunting.  The original Office story took me FOREVER to write.  It took me longer to code.  For those that don’t read between the lines around here… I am NOT a coder.  HTML has changed.  CSS has changed.  Javascript has changed… and I find myself a very VERY pretty dinosaur in a world that looks a little different from when I first started creating these types of things.

So here’s the deal:

I’m soliciting help.  I have two different games currently in development (well three… but we’ll talk about that later.)

  • 1.) Is a short little interactive novel.  I solicited the help of a couple of writers from the site to create the storyline for this and I’ve been putting this together in the Renpy engine.  It’s a steamy little story… not very interactive, but a fun little test of the engine.  
  • 2.) I am revisiting a work that I started a while ago that creates the first ‘day’ at the M&R Corporation.  It basically takes the player through the capture, the preliminary feminization process, the first day of classes, the first meeting with her Sponsor, and the first evening trapped in a room with a roommate.  Some of you that have been here for a while (at least since the last iteration of this site) have played the prologue to this story…  Sadly, that prologue was lost to the ages… with little more than a corrupted html file to remember it by.

So here’s the good news… I’ve spent some time this week and pieced it back together… which means we are now in a position to start building this game again.  It will be a steamy and exciting little story… but as I said above… I need some help…

At the risk of alienating… I am not currently in need of proof readers, play testers or writers.  I WILL need all of these roles down the road… but for now here is what I could use some help with.  If you have ANY interest in being part of the team, let me know…

  1. Web Designer / UI Interface Designer – proficient with HTML / CSS & Javascript.  Good eye for design, typography and interface.
  2. Illustrator – An artist with good cartoon/drawing skills for character creation.  Looking for more comic book than anime.
  3. Coder – Good with Python and Javascript for basic logic functions, idiot-proofing and bells and whistles.

My thought is to post this as a periodic work in progress… If enough of you feel that ruins the eventual release, I am happy to pull the cover back over the sausage if you will… but if you would like to see, where we are going:

Corporate Training – v1.2

It is early days.  It has placeholder graphics, css and there are a LOT of bugs… there are no failsafes for text inputs, there are errors and there is much much weirdness… but… work has begun… be afraid!

  1. Jenni swallows 1 month ago

    I… think I’ve played this before. Is that possible? Was it available to anyone at any point?

    Anyway. I think it’s very interesting and I’m totally excited to see this sort of thing unfold. ^_^ though it seems like a massive undertaking, even to just me who barely has dipped a toe into creating things with code.

    It’s interesting that it starts flat out with the character at least into the idea of being a sissy. Breaking the fourth wall and all that. Is this how a real draft of the story would start? Like, would this be the beginning you work from?

    Very exciting times!
    My name is jenni and I do what I am told.

  2. Author
    Melissa 1 month ago

    Like I said, I backwards engineered this from an HTML file I had, as the original code was lost.

    This is the prologue… chapter one begins at M&R being ‘processed’… It would be a five chapter narrative, (plus the prologue) with each chapter being about three times the length of what is there right now. The prologue introduces gameplay mechanics (choices being built into the text, dialogue paths, the point system and the branching narrative concept). These would all be expanded upon greatly in the following chapters.

    • Michelle Bubbles 1 month ago

      That is a MASSIVE undertaking! As I already told you, ready to help in any way but I will say that is daunting to say the least… and again, as I told you, I have no experience with twine. Sounds like the hardest thing is to find at least someone of us sissies who has experience and is able and willing to do some coding for this

    • Jenni swallows 4 weeks ago

      Opps, I had meant to say if just anyone could read this. I thought you had meant it was available to some people, not everyone. heh.

      Very interesting opening though, quite mind-boggling to think about when you toss out numbers like that. 5 chapters and 3 times the length? you mean all options and choices included, right?

      If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know! I can’t code, though I get the basic just of it. and I am a trash artist, even though 2 out 3 of my brothers are excellent at it. heh. But I do feel like I have a good handle on what pushes my buttons, so for whatever that’s worth…

      I still need to catch up with your recent maidenhead updates too! gah! so much to fawn over.

      My name is Jenni and I do what I am told.

  3. Alison Anderson 1 month ago

    A minor bug is found on page 1 already. First name (male) form filled out with John. First name (male) form filled out with Doe. That should be last name.

    • Author
      Melissa 1 month ago

      Good catch Alison. Will be fixed on the next iteration. Only four billion bugs left. 🤪

      • the Morrigan 4 weeks ago

        You know, maybe forcing the sissy to choose her own new, female first name DURING THE GAME might have more emotional impact than having to choose it while “male” and while (s)he doesn’t understand its implications. Sure, Melandren would have to keep calling the sissy-to-be by her male name for a while (or maybe (s)he could just be assigned a number), and it’s not really M&R canon, but it might provide more … emotional resonance … if the new sissy had to choose her own feminine name KNOWING that it would BE her name from then on.

        What do you think?

  4. bondage bunny 1 month ago

    oooh that was fun. let’s do it again! i can’t wait for more

  5. Candi 1 month ago

    I have just tried it can’t get past the prologue is that all there is

    • Michelle Bubbles 1 month ago

      Somebody doesn’t read the posts and needs a good spanking 😉

      yes Candi that’s why Mistress brought it to our attention! If you know how to code a game in HTML, or you know someones who does, you can help make the rest of the game!

      My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

  6. Mistress Dyvia 1 month ago

    One option to consider, honestly not sure if this is any help or not… But download sugarcube and Twine. It has a decent UI interface, isn’t crazy to learn (I’m in the same boat as you, but I think you are still better than me with coding!).. and you can make some decent interactive novels with graphics using it. The finished product is in HTML…

    I’ve tried a few games at tfgamesite (look up games in html) I’ve been intending to make a game myself for a while using this…

    but just a thought.



    • Author
      Melissa 1 month ago

      That’s what this is built in Dyvia! Great minds think alike.

      • the Morrigan 4 weeks ago

        You know, the first thing I thought when I saw Melissa was looking create an interactive visual novel was, “Twine Sugarcube.” Great minds really DO think in similar patterns. 😈

  7. Alison Anderson 1 month ago


    What the …


  8. Todd 1 month ago

    Well that is truly great news 🙂
    I have been hoping for something like this for quite some time.

  9. Krissi 4 weeks ago

    I love the idea of this. I absolutely adored the ‘swimming in the office’ game when i first played it years ago. I know it’s a massive undertaking, but I’m soo looking forward to see where this develops 🙂

  10. Jim L 4 weeks ago

    Nice to see something new along the lines of the old ‘Swimming Pool’ game. Can I suggest you offer the game as a zip file (much along many of the games on TFGameSite previously mentioned by Dyvia). That way, people can play through it offline, along with being able to pick through the code if they have any knowledge of TWINE.

    PS. I would love to see a downloadable version of the ‘Swimming Pool’ HTML version as well, if the option was available.

  11. Katie 4 weeks ago

    I remember this from some time ago. Glad to see you’re recreating it.. Looking forward to exploring it when it’s ready.

    My name is Katie and I do what I’m told.

  12. the Morrigan 4 weeks ago

    BTW I failed to note this in my last comment, but this is VERY cool and VERY well written. It’s a little railroady (is that even a word???), but most sissification CYOAs seem to be; I think it’s something in the sissy mindset. They demand it. 😉 😈

    Anyway, great start!

  13. Kate Heels 3 weeks ago

    If you still need a coder, I can help I think…

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