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A few new additions today.  First of all, I’m pleased to announce that The Academy is back and you can sign up for lessons right now.  Seriously… sign up for lessons right now.  The first course is part of a series of Basic Sissy Training … How to Curtsey.  Easy right?  We’ll see.

If you want to be part of the Academy you can also join the Group ‘The Academy’.  This group will be the interactive part of the Academy where the classes taken are discussed, lamented and mocked.  It will also be where we discuss what the next lessons might be, so if you’re interested sign up and say hi.

Teacher Lissa

I would also really like some feedback on the Class and what your thoughts are.  Was it fun?  Arousing?  Boring?  Feedback would be really useful.  You can leave it in the comments here, or better yet, join the Academy Group and leave some feedback in the forums.

You’ll also notice I’ve been monkeying with the WYSIWYG editor in the forums.  It is still a work in progress, but I’m trying to give all of you plenty of tools to sissify your role-play.  *grins*

Thanks for all the love and support as we get the new place up and running.  Very excited by how well it is being received and how much fun I’ve been having just getting to play around with it.  Let me know how things are going and enjoy learning to curtsey, Sissies!


  1. Abigail 11 months ago

    Thank you for training me how to curtsey it was fun.

  2. Jenny Dear 11 months ago

    I’ve always wanted to be better at the curtsy

  3. V!ct0r!a 8 months ago

    Thanks miss to accept me to your class… I completed my lipstick training today and will master my skills.

  4. Kaylee 3 months ago

    It was wonderful reviewing the details of the different curtseys. Showing respect with a curtsey has been part of my life since childhood and I found this course most enjoyable. Regrettably, the program tallied up my score when I was only half finished with he final exam. I must have hit the wrong key. Anyway, my significant other feels the online sissy programs will improve our relationship …so here I am!

  5. pussyassfukmouth 3 months ago

    please train me to curtsy

  6. Dennise 1 week ago

    Please help me to pass the test

  7. grace 6 days ago

    Thank you Mistress for the course on how to curtsy. I found the Texas Dip very difficult and I practice daily. I did eventually pass the exam.
    ** maid curtesy **

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