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Lipstick - Final Exam

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These are fun to create and I’ll probably do more assuming I get some positive feedback. I will say that if you are enjoying these, think about dropping a little ‘patronage‘ towards the site.  It’ll help me maintain the place and encourages me to put more of these together!

The next one ‘How to Walk Like a Sissy‘ will be out after I work on a few other things such as The Office and revisiting an old story of mine.


  1. Jessica 11 months ago

    Mmwha! Just reading this and I can’t help but make kissie faces. heh. For real, I keep noticing that my lips are kind of pouting out a little as I took the first test.

    Very exhilarating lesson Ms Daniles. I want to do all of these things for real, but it’s just so difficult in my household. But, BUT! I think I have another use for this guide, since I hate to see all of your wonderful work go to waste in some way. I can apply these guides to my roleplay and use it as a sort of learning guide for my character! ^_^

    Of course, when ever I do get a chance to really practice it in real life, all the better. But, for now, I want to read and learn so I’m better prepared to apply the lessons when the time does come.

  2. Jessica 11 months ago

    *Takes a deep breath* Oh man.. (Woman?) I did it.. I did the first lesson for preparing your lips. I had some time today, the house wasn’t crawling with people all over and I had a lock on the bathroom door. Oh wow, bit of a rush. I haven’t done anything like this in years!

    So, I first gathered all the items I needed and mixed them together in a cup. I almost thought I was out of the cinnamon, (I love hot peppers, but I wanted my lips sweet like candy. ) And finally found it. I think I may have added too much to the mix, but it still turned out alright.×1067.jpeg

    First I applied the mixture to the brush, but quickly remembered the lessons I had practiced so much on Sunday.×1067.jpeg

    I washed the brush off and started to scrub my puckered lips. And let me tell you, at the very least girls, you should do this step. It made my lips feel very different, not that they are super soft or anything. Just a little more tender, a little bit softer and kind of tingle. Which was great when I finally rubbed the home made scrub on my lips.×1067.jpeg

    It tingled and tasted sweet, which was such a treat! I brushed my lips with the toothbrush until it felt like it was gone and all that was left was a brown residue on my lips. they looked slick and almost like it was a colorful lip balm. Even after I waited the 10 minutes for it to do it’s magic, my lips felt like they tingled (just a little) they tasted sweet and still looked colored.×1067.jpeg

    I patted down my lips with a wet cloth and saw that they were a tad pinker than they were before. Any cracks I had or unsightliness was near gone, which speaks to the necessary repetitiveness of the task. I know that if this was done twice a day, it would get rid of any of your cracked, chapped lips. My lips feel very nice right now.

    It all went very well and I recommend anyone who can, to do this task! It also really, really helped me with the next step, since it was so easy to rub a little sissy arousal on my lips. That left my lips tasting more like.. well, you know! *giggle* But they also looked like they shimmered in the light before it was allowed to just dry. about 20 minutes later and it still tasted like sissy arousal.

    Again, anyone who can do this, should! It’s such a thrill to follow along with the steps! And it helps you get ready for when ever you actually have a chance at applying lib balm and all of those wonderful coats of lipstick.

  3. Fantasia 11 months ago

    Mmmmm, I am enjoying putting these lessons to live practice… now if only they could get messed up in the fun way…

  4. Xanthe Altheia 10 months ago

    Just tried the exfoliant as had the house to myself. Wow my lips feel so much softer already.

  5. Jacqueline 7 months ago

    Can someone tell me what Csl’s means? Another girl, Reby asked me and I don’t know. She really needs to know. Thanks. Hugs

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