TGIF – Thank God…it’s feminization

So we come to the end of day three and we are still in a state of so far so good.  While there are some minor quirks and oddities here and there, I am overwhelmed by how smoothly we have moved into the new environment.  Even better, the stability and ease of use on the admin end means I get to spend time actually participating on the site which is a tremendous joy.

As of this evening we have over 450 registered users and … knock on wood (oh wait you can’t with those chastity belts on…) everything is holding stable and secure.

This weekend, I will begin to add in some additional content and features.  Stay tuned and continue to let me know thoughts… feedback is tremendously helpful.

  1. Barbies Heather 11 months ago

    It’s great to be back. Wondering, will we be able to revise our old characters? I just got here and still learning how to get around, but I figured asking questions will get me there sooner…smiles..

  2. Author
    Melissa 11 months ago

    This place is really just a giant sandbox. You can revise your character, you can play multiple characters, you can start something new. If you want a structured role play environment, you can play in the Corporation Role-play that is created under the role-play tag. Or you can create your own group and forum and create any kind of story or structure that you like. Enjoy!

  3. Stephanie Suckswell 11 months ago

    This place rocks. From what I’ve seen it seems to be an improvement, in my opinion.

  4. Author
    Melissa 11 months ago

    Wonderful to hear. Thank you Stephanie!

  5. Andrea_Cd 11 months ago

    The new site looks incredible! Great opportunity for everyone to reinvent themselves. I started small with a sexier profile picture.

  6. Satin Summer 11 months ago

    OK! I found new things just since yesterday. Looks like it’s
    SSS! Super Sexy Saturday, Yea!!!!

  7. Jessica 11 months ago

    I Was breifly apart of the old M&R website about a year after it opened, and while I haven’t been around in a good while, i can say I love what I’m seeing so far here. There’s lots of room to encourage the kind of play already encouraged, (forced fem) and doesn’t seem to impede those that are more willing.

    It’s only the third day, but it looks like it might help that problem of getting some peanut butter into someone’s jelly, if you know what I mean. I am firmly on the forced side of things, but never had a problem with the girls that preferred more willing TF’s, I hope that with this new site it kind of solved that issue where the RP narrative kind of swings one way or the other.

    • Author
      Melissa 11 months ago

      So here is an interesting thing. The site registered a link that it thought was suspicious and made your comment ‘pending’ due to content. Interesting. Approved it, so it should show now.

  8. Jessica 11 months ago

    Couple of things, first, Thank you! ^_^ Second, That’s kind of cool that the site would do that. As far as I’m aware all of those links are fine, they come from a site I’ve visited for years while I was capping. Thanks again!

  9. Author
    Melissa 11 months ago

    I think it was more the sheer volume of link based comments the post was getting. There were six ‘pending’ comments all with links in them to that specific post. Not a bad feature actually.

  10. latexdolli 11 months ago

    Dearest Miss Melissa. Goodness. Thank You and thank You for taking and making the efforts to make this lovely new home for this dolli. Curtsey.

    if I may, dolli has a question. Will this room get live chat? So that when we chat and talk there is a conversation, while some may or may not choose to go private?

  11. Author
    Melissa 11 months ago

    I’m afraid not. The focus of the site is going to focus on writing and a more ‘lasting’ interaction. That being said, with the instant notification and ease of posting, there is no reason why a ‘Group’ or ‘Multiple Groups’ couldn’t be converted into a makeshift chat room.

  12. Sissy Britney 11 months ago

    Thank you for your hard work and thank you, Girls!

  13. Veronica Sands 11 months ago

    Oh Melissa…. things are so different! And i feel SO lost. It is very difficult to follow what has changed. Please remember many if not most of us here are beneath it all merely *whimper* male and so have limited ability to adapt to such genius when our Female Masters *whimper* have real thought and ideas like we *sniffle* male girls don’t….

    Please be gentle… this whole thing is like the trouble we hve in school — “math class is too tough for us boys!”

    • Author
      Melissa 11 months ago

      I know it is an adjustment Veronica. Just give it a chance and take it step by step. It’ll feel like home in no time. If you are having trouble figuring something out, just ask…

  14. Donnagirl 11 months ago

    I was not a member of the old site but I do like the new one. I have started taking courses and trying to learn my way around as best as a sissy can. Melissa you are doing a great job and this sissy boi appreciates it.

  15. Kathy 7 months ago

    I just want to echo all the comments, I love this site, and thank you for doing it.

  16. patty swank(Dean) 3 months ago

    I’m new here, but, I love every picture, story, p m , idea, and especially the fundamental idea that women are superior, and I surely am a sissy for women to use for their entertainment.

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