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Something to do to pass the time…

Hellooooooo Nurse...

Greetings all.  Apologies as always for my extended absence.  I love my job, but it is all consuming.   But hey… that’s the good thing about working at home now, isn’t it?  

Speaking of… I know many of you are stuck inside with nothing to do (as is evident by an uptick in traffic around here)… so as a thank you for being around, I uploaded three new chapters of Maidenhead to sink your teeth into.  Enjoy.

I feel very overwhelmed at coming back here.  I dropped a lot of balls (heh…) and there is a lot to catch up on… but I also want to drop a bunch of new content while I have some time… so be patient with me… or drop me a message if you need immediate attention (inbox is a giant number right now…)

I hope all of you girls are taking care of yourselves, settling in and being responsible young ladies in these interesting times and if you’re feeling poorly, please please please rest, take it easy and get better.  

Since we’re all supposed to be isolating these days, I propose a little game in the comments below.  If you’re a natural care-giver, post a picture of yourself in your sexiest nurse costume below.  If you’re feeling poorly, scared or overwhelmed, tell us how you feel below and every single nurse who posts a picture will PM you and give you a hug, a kiss and a *ahem* sense of relief and satisfaction.

So comment below my lovelies… I want to see this community at it’s finest…


  1. Rachel 4 months ago

    I guess I’ll get us started. Hi girls! I’m one of several nurses here, sissy nurse Rachel. I was under the weather for a little while, but I’ve bounced back and am ready to help improve your day.
    If you are feeling unwell, drop a post in this thread and I’ll see how I can help.
    Fellow nurses, feel free to join me in our clinic here. I have a feeling that we are going to get a fair number of patients.
    It seems we already have our first patient and she may not even realize it. Mistress Melissa appears to be suffering from acute onset message inundation resulting in sensations of stress and insurmountability. Prescription: at least one good hug and an excessive dose of support. I can provide the hug here and now, but I’m going to need everyone else to help by liking Mistress Melissa’s news article to show her how much we all care for her.
    I wrap my arms around our overwhelmed mistress in a warm embrace and say “Welcome back Mistress. Please let me know what I can do to make your day better.”

    (I don’t see an option to upload a picture to this post, so I’ve set up a group so that everyone can get a good look at our nurses. look for it under the name M&R Clinic.)

  2. Jacqueline 4 months ago

    Well, my now retired alt, Doctor Jenny Tang cared for the girls of the Lacy Place for many years in her clinic at the Lacy Place. And it was a pleasure to do so. The last I heard, she was working hard on this Beer Virus thingy.

  3. Michelle Bubbles 4 months ago

    Well since I am not a nurse or have ever been employed in Healthcare even pretend… I guess I’ll be the first patient. I am not that scared of anxious for myself, but I do know a few vulnerable people that I hope will be OK. As for myself, the virus forced me to leave a job, my first real job, that I enjoyed so very very much just a month after I started, and now I am a bit frustrated at having to already go back home, as much as I love my family… What does the nurse prescribe? :3

    My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

  4. Joanna K 4 months ago

    Like Michelle, I’m not a nurse or have anything to do with health care, but should I be instructed to do so by a Mistress, I’m sure a job can be found for a blue eyed blond like me. Can’t wait to read the next installment of ‘Maidenhead’.
    Thankyou for thanking the time to put pen on paper.
    Miss JK Nickersoffalot 💋
    I always do as I’m told (well I try to)

  5. Alice Liddoll 4 months ago

    Unfortunately, I’m not a nurse and don’t have a sexy costume to wear. I’m not unduly worried for myself though, as my circumstances place me in a relatively secure position. I’m more worried for others, and if a Mistress so orders I will happily take a care-giver position here. Thank you for the post, Mistress Melissa!

    My name is Alice and I do what I am told.

  6. SubduedSera 3 months ago

    I am quite frightened, can anyone comfort me in these dark times?

    • Joanna K 3 months ago

      Hi Subdued Sera,
      I know these are very worrying times, but its because this is something new. The numbers that pass away because of old age is far far greater, we just have to ‘keep calm & carry on’

      Joanna k 💋

  7. Jacqueline 3 months ago

    Hang in there Sara, the panic we are seeing is worse than the disease. We’ve been through these before, but without nearly as much craziness. Wash your hands often and don’t touch your face.

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