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Recommended Reading: Palmer’s Education

Just a quick little plug for a friend of the site.  Most of you know the works of Deborah Ford (if you don’t… report for a spanking immediately).  Her writing has been very influential in the creation of this site and I can hands down say she writes the best squirmy feminization stories around.  

She has a new book out called Palmer’s Education.  It’s my favorite of her works so far, so please go check it out, support her and drop her a note so that she writes more of these!  😀

You can also visit her site which has an archive of other forced fem fiction from days of yore.  

  1. kandijayne 2 weeks ago

    I wholeheartedly agree with what Melissa says. Deborah Ford is an excellent writer that all sissies should know. Go out and get this book now! It, and her other works, are on Amazon. And there’s lots of free stuff on her blog ( What are you waiting for?

  2. Deblforduk 2 weeks ago

    Thank you Melissa and Kandi xxx

    Really appreciate your sweet thoughts

  3. Nicole 2 weeks ago

    *nervous curtsies*
    Umm I’ve never had the pleasure of reading her works before now. Where should i go to report for my punishment Miss Melissa? After i read this story of course…

    My name is Nicole and I do what i am told.

  4. subsophie 1 week ago

    Deborah Ford. Now that is a name I haven’t heard in many years…

    It brings me back to days when I was young(er) and trying to figure out what turns me on. I’m still working on that, but this is making for some serious nostalgia. Her ‘Hotel’ series was a revelation.

    • Deblforduk 1 week ago

      Thank you Sophie, I suspect that learning about our fetishes is a life times job!

      The Hotel remains one of my post popular books.

      Deborah Ford

  5. hatsue 2 days ago

    This is a great story!!!! i have read it two times in last few days.

    Please recommend more storys on this theme.

    Thank you.

    • Deblforduk 2 days ago

      Thank you Hatsue. Some people found it a little too dark, but it definitely hit the spot for others. Thank you for lovely response. X DF

      • hatsue 2 days ago

        i am always in such dark fantasy. i am learnt in a sissy school to feel both humiiation and excitement and at last i will well trained as a airhead sissy who is always giggles to please my Daddy and Mistress Mommy.

        Frankly, i am jealous of Palmer/Suize.

        Thank again for your great works. And, i hope that i am lucky enough to play with You.

  6. Author
    Melissa 1 day ago

    If you haven’t @hatsue, I recommend the rest of Deborah Ford’s library on amazon. The Hotel is her most well known work, but I highly recommend ‘If you Must’ and ‘Bunny Trap’.

  7. Deblforduk 1 day ago

    Melissa, thank you so much x

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