Tightlacing – Cinch and Tie

  1. Sissyjame 8 months ago

    I wish this was me

  2. EmmaSlut 8 months ago

    It’s Wonderful what discipline and practice can do!

  3. francine 8 months ago

    I love wearing a corset. In 2003 I was lacing at 29″ but old age and settling make that a dream now. At 63 I still dream of the good old days when my wife and I would go to the Erie GALA together. Now with grandkids it makes it way tougher.

  4. Jessica 8 months ago

    I love the idea of corset training, but could never go so far as the waist being a hands width around. Now, the perfect hourglass figure? of course! The feeling of every heavy breath you take and strained attempt to reach for something below your comfort zone? How exhilarating! it’s just a constant reminder of what’s happening to your body and possibly a constant reminder of WHO is doing to it too you! Which is why I just love the description here where She’s told to run his hands and up down his new figure. The feeling of his wide hips and prominent backside, the way his breasts would be emphasized even more. I just shudder at the thought. In a good way!

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