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Spare the Rod? Spoil the Sissy!

Just a little diversion for a few girls who demanded spankings… Anyone else in need of one?

  1. poppy 2 months ago

    Noooo! I promise not to tease Jacqueline again.

  2. aurissa 2 months ago

    Looks like a metre stick – oh that brings me back to the days back in catholic school when we switched from imperial to metric and the nuns got new longer metre sticks. They were like ninjas with those things. lol

  3. kandijayne 2 months ago

    Um – it’s, it’s g-got to be me next, hasn’t it, because (gulp!) I n-need it. Oh gosh. Please don’t spank Poppy, Mistress, ‘cos she hasn’t done anything. I’m,I ‘m the one who d-deserves it. (Blushes as bends over in readiness)

  4. kandijayne 2 months ago

    (Suddenly realises) Oh gosh, it’s not a spanking, it’s the c-cane! Eek!

  5. shychristine 2 months ago

    spank them! spank them! punish them! punish them! 😀

  6. Michelle Bubbles 2 months ago

    hmmm, @plrichards (Kandi) or @babyblue (poppy)? Why not both?!

  7. Lovekitten 2 months ago

    I second both. It only seems fair.

  8. the Morrigan 2 months ago

    A story I’ve been working on (reading, not writing) recently introduced the concept of daily “maintenance” spankings for the simple purpose of ensuring that the sissy never, EVER forgets who’s in charge. As a dominant, I must say I find this concept utterly reasonable and very, very attractive … 😉

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