Name Change – What’s in a Name

Could you give up your name? Really?

  1. Emma Swallows 7 months ago

    That feeling must be so weird. So aroused and confused at the same time.

  2. Biggy Suggswell 7 months ago

    I understand that totally – I used to be Birger Sörensen, before my wife made me Change my Name …

  3. Jessica 7 months ago

    *Shudder* I love how this one just captures the crushing moment for him. The overwhelming feeling that had to wash over and consume his thoughts, letting him know that this was really happening and wasn’t going to stop. *shiver* Lovely!

    Zeroing in on the little details like this, letting that draw out all the other intricacies that also come with the change in his name. It kind of shines a light on everything he must have been going through. wonderful!

  4. Yennefer 7 months ago

    What could be a bigger honor though. To be allowed to bear your Mistress last name marks you in so many ways as hers. It is an honor ans should be sought and considered a reward if give by her. After all the old life is useless now correct.

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