Implants – Mold his Body, Alter his Mind

I have always been cursed with large breasts. I have debated many, many times of getting them reduced, yet there are a few of my secret weapon outfits that I worry would not garner the attention they currently get without my current measurements.

What about you girls? I suspect many of you aren’t happy with your current measurements. What is your ideal size?

  1. Estelle 10 months ago

    between C and D cups

  2. BarbieDolljean 10 months ago

    My First Mistress, Lady Helga, the Baroness, made my new body, as Her plaything, with full firm 38DDD breast! It was as an agreement because as a male, I had always loved large breast on women and She like to play with breast!! Barbie Doll Jean still loves her big TITS and hi uge ringed nipples!!

  3. EmmaSlut 10 months ago

    I’m a B but would love to be a C or a D

  4. Jessica 10 months ago

    Oh wow, I used to be firmly in the camp of C cups. But here lately, what with my fetish for utterly humiliating a sissy, I think I’m leaning in towards D cups or F’s. But if this was just real world what kind? D cup.

  5. chloebimbo 9 months ago

    G or better – giggles 🙂

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