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Garter Belts – Belts, Straps and Stockings

As someone that enjoys both lingerie and softcore bondage garter belts have always felt very S&M to me. I think it is the straps. It is always hard for me to forget I am wearing a garter belt. Pantyhose you are occassionally reminded by discomfort or as you cross your legs, but stockings with a garterbelt: every movement is a gentle tug. I do hope they come back into style soon. Wouldn’t it be nice if both genders picked them up? Come on Hollywood, set us a trend!

  1. Yes they both should experience the garter belts

  2. stockingslover12121 9 months ago

    I think it is so cute but also very evil of her to do this to her mate but also very feminine to you go girl :).

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