Frills – Small and Lacy Just Like Him

A challenge to all of you sissies out there.

I dare you to replace all of your socks with overly feminine styles. Don’t just buy them. Throw away all your others. Do you dare?

  1. latexdolli 7 months ago

    And dolli loves those shoes! Perfect heels, perfect standing. Lovely.

  2. Jessica 7 months ago

    Oh I would if I could, especially little frilly socks like these! (cute!) But, with my work i’m afraid they would totally zero in on them. Some of my bosses can be real jerks.. >_>

    I love the fact that you can see the little frills on the sock and almost see what the girl is already wearing. From her hair style to the way she’s all dolled up. And dolled up is key, a perfect little sissy dolly.

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