Extensions – Long and Luscious

With the exception of a short mistake in the early 90’s, I have always had long hair. It is a constant pain in the ass to care and maintain, but when you want that glamour look, I cannot imagine not having it.

  1. Candi 10 months ago

    I love my long blond hair!

  2. Andrea_Cd 10 months ago

    I’m just a crossdesser but for me hair has always been the thing that completes it. When I brought my first wig it was the best feeling! I don’t enjoy growing out my hair so I usually just give up but the wig lets me switch long hair on and off and its so much fun!

    Absolutely love this cap .

  3. silky 10 months ago

    Buying my first (and so far, only) blonde long-hair wig was SOOOOOOOOOOO thrilling …

  4. EmmaSlut 10 months ago

    I just bought my first longhair auburn wig and I love it

  5. Jessica 10 months ago

    I used to have long brown hair that nearly met my shoulders, it was wonderful! It had little curls in it naturally and I just wanted to keep growing it out till it was at least past my shoulder blades. Something with a little weight to it, every step I took I would feel my soft hair just glide about..

    Now thanks to work, i have to keep it short and professional looking for a guy.. *hmpf* Oh well, at least here I can have any color hair I wish and any length/style!

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