Employment – Live in the Manner to Which You Are Accustomed

I might let myself be used in that way if it meant I got those boots. 😀

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  1. Jessica 11 months ago

    ughn.. I think it’s the line where she tells him to go clean the kitchen that really nails this one for me. I have usually played the part of an office girl, or some times even just a hooker on the street making a few bucks for My Mistress. But this time around the siren song of being a background player, a piece of eye candy to be used, abused and put back to work with out a thank you, is what really drew me in. Your work doesn’t just end after office hours, your always on call and your always to look and behave your best. working up a sweat till you can’t stand your heels or to pick up another plate, only to be called over and told to sink to your knees.. Nghnn.. so evil! love it!

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