Breasts – Mold Him, Shape Him, Build Him, Sculpt Him

Bra fittings are THE most submissively embarrassing thing I can think of. As a GG, I still feel embarrassed by it and it brings out my subby nature. I can only imagine what it must feel like for all of you…

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  1. Jessica 10 months ago

    *fans self* Oh my, yes yes.. I can’t get enough of how teasing his wife is in this story. The jovial gloating sessions she’s having at his expense. The way the husband is all quite and submissive in this moment, he knows he’s been got and got good. Oh my, I love it!

    I’ve never experinced the feeling of being fitted for a bra, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like. If I just went far, far far out of town one day and found some helpful little store clerk that was willing to indulge me for the after noon. MMm.. It’s a wonderful thought.

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