Beating – Punished for Pleasure

A little spanking for your Monday morning.

Not that kind of spanking.

Not with a chastity belt on.

A good, old fashioned, maid punishment.

As someone who has been bent over a bed to receive one of these for fun before, I have to say that any maid that doesn’t hold her own skirts for a beating should be beaten more. Take that as you will.

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  1. Lili 6 months ago

    When she finally endures the full ten spankings, only then will Mistress remember to tell her… that she will have her hands and ankles cuffed for the whole minute; as Mistress places her delicious assets so close to little sissy’s clitty, never touching, so close yet so far. And all the poor little maid can do is sob quietly and say “Thank you, Mistress!”.

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