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On the positive side…

… at least there’s no reason to put on real clothes these days…

I hope everyone is healthy and safe.  It is incredibly close to home here, and a few colleagues are now diagnosed as positive.  Scary times… scary world…

I will remind everyone… the best thing in these times is kindness… empathy… and remembering that we are all human.  

For the handful who have sat through the close to 500 pages of Maidenhead, another chapter has been posted.  Only two left to go… dun dun dunnnnnnn….

  1. Tina Kiscox 2 months ago

    So we’ll be entering new territory soon? I’m looking forward to it.

    I hope some kind of RP inspiration follows soon too, since the monthly tasks ended I’ve noticed things becoming bit quieter, at least among the people I’ve been watching

  2. sissy steffi kitten 2 months ago

    That was HOT!!!!!!! Like all good sissy sluts I need more 🙂

    sissy steffi

  3. Shannon 2 months ago

    Scary times indeed – found out that my brother was exposed. He cares for his Mother-In-Law, who lives next door, so he and his wife are now self-quarantined…….

    Breaks from reality are a life preserver anymore.


  4. Author
    Melissa 2 months ago

    @onemesseduphero I am planning some RP stuff as soon as I get the behind the scenes website cleanup/permissions finished. A few fun things in the pipelines…

  5. bondage bunny 2 months ago

    I”m so glad to see this moving forward!

  6. Alison Anderson 2 months ago

    I have to disagree with the first premise, that being “…there’s no reason to put on real clothes these days….”

    Of course there is. I’ve been wearing nothing but women’s clothes for the last 3 weeks. Every day except one, I wore something different, and could probably keep up the trend except that it’s getting harder to remember what I did and didn’t wear. And that’s not even going into my more dressy clothing. Only a few days I didn’t wear breast forms for a large part of the day. When I had to appear as male I would wear women’s jeans or leggings and an androgynous women’s top; the rest of the time I have been wearing skirts and tops or dresses. But if going out where I’m less likely to be recognized, I have been doing it as Alison.

    (One Saturday I wore a floor length high neck velvet dress. It was so comfy I wore it again the next day too.)

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