• and so it goes.. I look at him.. sword on the floor and him again.. “?…” let out sigh.. relieved.. “You ok?” 

    I find myself squeezing katana tightly.  My bosom heave slowly.. Tension is still in the air..  let out little laugh to relax. Let my hand fall, katana touch the floor, but is still on my hand.

  • I don’t know how serious he is.. never know it..  way the sword is coming ..Does not look deadly..  yet I lift mine to Protect my body and take step back. funny some things you do.. without thinking.. like surviving.. even when you are not sure, if you to..

    “I never could kill you.” That I have said few times before.. and still I have left bo…[Read more]

  • “Well, I have get out of worse situations.”  -shrug- “You know .. I will .. for You.. ” kiss his cheek..

  • “Leave all this?”  Laugh! “How you think I can pack all this.. just in few hours.” Lift my hands, smiling, then point myself..

    “You credit still ok?” Look over his shoulder to lap top.. “I don’t have a passport.. or any other identification.. that can be a little problem at the airport.”

  • Grin “Sharp edge, or just flat side?” Asking for it? No one else could use sharp edge.. Hold katana against his.. protecting my body.. STARE AT HIM! “Why ..?” 

  • Teresa and Profile picture of YuhanaYuhana are now friends 1 month, 1 week ago

  • “What!?!” I can’t believe.. “You mean..?” making stroking moves with my hand in air. That will take time and when I have huge cock it surely will be tender.. and I can’t just keep on jerking constantly.

    Lucky I get a little break as I grab ruler with my sticky fingers. I would love to be nig as she is, but .. ruler is actually perfect.. le…[Read more]

  • “Really?!” She is right about that I did masturbate.. and exactly like now.. in front of her.. but why I do feel the shame doing it now? “Eh.. umm .. ” yes, it is far more embarrassing to masturbate my 3 inch willy.. in front of voluptous.. and well endowed woman.. when hand covers tiny thing complitely..

    After hesitation I do start to rub my li…[Read more]

  • Yuhana replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsBecoming Famous?!? in the forum Coxx Productions 3 months ago

    She goes to open the door and .. I grab the jar and take cream to my two fingers.. look at her little doubtfull. “You sure this is right stuff..?” I am little afraid that, if it makes my poor tiny cock even smaller.. it will vanish complitely.. but then again why she would lie to me.

    Slowly rub it onto my hard little willy that starts to t…[Read more]

  • Yuhana replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsBecoming Famous?!? in the forum Coxx Productions 3 months ago

    My tiny cocklette respond her touch raising it’s head a bit.. I feel bit more relaxed as she tell that soon I get a package and can become .. normal.. even larger.. “Of course I will be careful..” grin

    I do understand .. that making it too big, it does have “side effects.” but I already imagine others faces when I take monster cock out.. Barely c…[Read more]

  • Yuhana replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsBecoming Famous?!? in the forum Coxx Productions 3 months ago

    “OOOOH!!” she leave me gaping as she pull out and take off rubber.. ejaculating huge load .. after load on my belly and tits.. I just stare.. as she pump more cum on me..

    “My .. audition.. huh!” Warm and sticky mess all over me.. she lay next to me.. and her still huge soft member lay on my belly.. how huge it is to compare my little willy.. -…[Read more]

  • Yuhana replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsBecoming Famous?!? in the forum Coxx Productions 3 months ago

    So exciting dream.. I have that Monster cock and .. place it between her massive udders, pulling them together hiding my monster between them!! “AAAH!!” Squirting almost immediatelly! Painting her.. “What?!?!” Suddenly I am fully awake and something warm on my belly.. I see goddess.. “Wow!” 

    Yes I think I am awake.. what she talk about morni…[Read more]

  • Yuhana replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsBecoming Famous?!? in the forum Coxx Productions 3 months ago

    Damm!! Her bouncing rack really looks inviting .. *lick my lips* my little thingy lift it’s head.. so I quickly turn and head to the bed..

    She also leaves leave my alone .. thinking of what the hell I am doing.. everything seem to be so great.. well except.. *touching my little clittie* I rub it little.. can’t really stroke.. uuh! Slowly my eyes…[Read more]

  • *Smile* to cloak my unsureness of what I really want. She shows me nice nightie.. I nod approvingly. Then undress and try to nightie.. it feels great against my skin, so silky.

    I did move the way I accidentally touch her huge boobs many times.. damm they feel just as great as nightie. “Thank you..” Said with a grin. I lean to look in the c…[Read more]

  • She confirms that I will be picked up in the morning. Then she reach my front, surprising me complitely. I don’t have a chance to step back, before she already lift my skirt and pulling panties down. “Wha..what are you doing..?” It is very clear what she is doing, but I feel so ashamed because even I am hard.. My “clitty” is so little.. it v…[Read more]

  • My eyes get greedy glimpse as I look at the money and then count them. Smile wide and for a moment forget “little” things.

    Nod to agree follow her to see my room. On our way feel her touch my bum. Glance at her wobbly tits.. would love to tit fuck.. thought makes me aware of.. my tiny wiener again. -Sigh- deep.

    “You have a pool in here!” That…[Read more]

  • What the fuck!! Now that she mention and .. I measure.. “What did you do to me?!?” I really feel panic raise. I am barely half of my “normal” size.. can’t get my eyes off from my shrinked .. somehow “cock” not feel right word..

    Thank god she does say, that this is temporary.. “Tomorrow?” Echo her word. There goes my plan not to come ba…[Read more]

  • “WHAT!?!.. “ Masturbating!? that is something I have done.. but in front of.. her.. people.. “But, but.. ” Ok, still not have money and she does look.. desireable. I could..  “Ok, I show you..” get up and grab the lube.

    Glance at her boobs.. and take my panties off.. I am already hard which make everything easier and her curvers also help.. squi…[Read more]

  • I let her go deep in my mouth and suck. Hands pump her cock.. as bob my head on that huge cock. Taking it in much as can.. suck harder.. She freeze for a second, or two.. anyway surprise me totally as she explode.. I do my best to swallow, but not sucseed well. Some go to my throat.. some I spill out with -COUGH!- some hit on my face..


    I w…[Read more]

  • What she mean by “His Standards”? Looks like I am doing something right. Her monster cock starts to grow in my hands and really getting harder soon as my lips and tongue touch it..

    She is enourmous.. I keep stroking. Speeding up moves. Keep making long licks from base to tip.. and treating head of monster with my tongue.. until get her hard and…[Read more]

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