Chloe X

  • “Oh I can’t let my Batgirl suffer, for now. I freed your cock and balls. I stroke and play with them. Give you a hand job.  I do want you to have some relief.  Just be a good sissy and I won’t put that belt back on you until we leave.

  • While I’m getting ready, the girls dressed Jezebel up as  Batgirl.  I smile and close in on her “Batgirl we are going to entertain my guests.” I drag her up on the stage and pull down her top. Giving her a deep wet kiss and play with her tits.

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    Once at the Club Kitty Kat, I turn Jezabel over to one of the girls “Hold on to her while change.”

    I love the o Jezebel’s face when I come back.  “Yes, I am  Domme Mistress and this is my club. While  we  are you will refer to   as Ms. Kat.”

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    “We have one more stop before we go home. I want some of the other girls to meet you.” I keep a tight hold of my girl and we take a uber to my favorite club. I can see that the driver is checking my girl out. I smile “Yes She quite the tramp, isn’t she. Give me your phone and I’ll set upat date for you. She adores being with big strong men”

  • ” oh It’s so warm in here,”  I strip off my work out leotard so very slowly strip tease. I look down at his crotch. ” oh I do believe you are getting excited, so glad that you approve of my looks.” I nibble on his neck and stroke the bulge in his leotard,.

    This going so well, won’t be long before he is a blushing bride, There is no…[Read more]

  • I go over to the bar, I am a really good bartender, what you like to drink?”

    I bat my mascara-coated lashes at him. playing the part of a sex kitten.

  • I hear the sound of women laughing, well at least they aren’t laughing at me.   I feel so silly,” Real   men don’t wear dresses and makeup.” That’s what I told my boss, she just glared at me ” Chantelle you really on’t have a choice in the matter. From now you are just one of the office girls.”

    I get a closer look at what’s going on, OMG that my…[Read more]

  • I fondle Steve’s ass. “You really look  good in the exercise  outfit.” Changing the subject on him.    “I do think you are going to have a wonderful time here. I stroke his ass. and give him a peck o the cheek. Let’s forget the work out” I get his hand and lead him my suite.  Playing the part of sexy vixen.   How about a drink?”

    I can see that…[Read more]

  • “I do want to make sure that you remain a tranny girl even after the contest. Can’t have you trying to get back to life as a skirt-chasing male.   My favorite Tattoo artist joins us.”I want to keep sure she never forgets being a  girl. Please brand her.” I take a good look once she’s done. “Oh that is the perfect thing for a fairy boy”

  • I have taken possession of his body., for short periods of time,  he has no memory of what I have been doing. More a less a test runs to how to see much resistance he would put up- so far it has been easy., After taking control I go to a transgender salon and ask them to make me into a hot looking drag queen. “I’m going the SCreaming Queen ” They…[Read more]

  • Another ghost busters in my house, all those rumors that I spread about myself have worked out – for me that is. I will string this one along before transform him in something interesting.

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    I look down at that lovely device. “Well dear, that’s so very good on you. I have other things that will so lovely on you”

  • Feeling sorry for her “Oh dear, it’s the best thing for you. “I’ll redo your makeup/ I wipe her face clean and apply fresh makeup. “You really are such a Cry baby. Maybe I should treat you like one. Get to drink from a bottle, eat baby food, and wear diapers.”

  • I go into the locker room and change –

    I know the doctor is going to give Stephen a number of shots- T blocker and Feminine hormones. and inject him with the latest fem nanobots. It won’t be long before he has a sexy  figure.

    I wait an hour and go back to the exam room. “Well, doctor how did your patient do?” The Doctor gives Stephen a clean…[Read more]

  • I pick out a special device, go over to my pet and lock his male privates  up.”There I don’t want you playing with yourself. You are my pet slut. I expect you to service my pussy and give BJ  s to the men select for you.”

  • She whines just any other sissy.   “I really should have your male sex organs removed and sell you off to some horney middle east businessman. Bet I could get a lot of money for you.  I want you to beg to be my slave girl and bondage bitch, promise you’ll do whatever I command of you.”



  • “GOOD we’ll get started, come with me,” I take him to the medical center, ” Ok, Stephen go behind the curtain and undress, you can put on this. I hand him the hospital gown. It will be easier for the Doctor if you are wasting it. This is going to be a full exam. Blood work, x Ray, etc.”

    Good test to see just how submissive he is.

    “After the…[Read more]

  • <p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>I roll my eyes,  “Really Jezabelle?You must think I’m a bimbo”  I pull the so do out and my paddle on her was til its best red. I dump her on the floor and tie in her hands behind her back. /” I have something special you,” The girls come in and strip my sissy. |”String her up”</p>

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    I lead the former lawyer into my office- the door locks

    I sit behind my desk and log onto my computer.  “Now  I know Robert is paying for the wedding and he wants this to be very traditional.  I don’t want to hurt your feelings but he seems to think that you need some bodybuilding.  We can improve your figure so that Robert approves of you. Our…[Read more]

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