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  • I wasn’t in M&R prison very long before  I learned the facts of Life in jail.  I become one the ” girls” my first  week in the slammer. When  offer of   protection came  I accepted.  I agreed to be Big Dave’s bitch. My new” boyfriend ” was connected.  The prison doctors gave me a very feminine shape,  they me into the type of girl that Dave like…[Read more]

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  • I  finish pondering and dispersing my little . Next I put a cute frill little baby doll outfit on her.  Pop a pacifer  into her mouth and she sucks on it right away.  “YES Dear I will let get a good look at your set. Your are my little girl ,  and I will rake very good care of you. You all the dole and stuff teddy bears you want. “

  • “Yes I can’t wait to see what you have done with the little twerp” I go in, oh there he has chained o the bed, stark naked. Male law enforcement hasn’t done so well, I am a  gypsy girl and this boy got himself outsmarted by a woman. The Sheriff, Jessica Davis, will get a good laugh if she finds out what happened to her male deputies.

    Deputy B…[Read more]

  • The lady comes out with load of clothing, oh It’s the deputy ‘s uniform, That kid hot himself in trouble. The spots and signals for me to join her. She asks about the camp. ” I sure Tasha will love to accept the gift. Our camp is just down the road.”

  • Things are going so well,  Sarah is going to a hit st the ranch. So many of business associates will coming  along, to see how my long girl does here. Steve thought that marrying Jill would allow him to live the lifestyle  of the rich and famous. He dared to diss my daughter , big mistake.  I have flight attendant  open a couple bottles of the…[Read more]

  • Like father like daughter, she will make wonderful when I retire.

    oh course you girls can come along with us. It’s out in South Pacific and owned by M&R. Over the years I’ve sent so much business their way, Mostly business competitors  but also nosy reporters that wanted to look at my tax returns and business records. I am planning on sending…[Read more]

  • I move behind  Sarah going up against her, nibbling on her slender  neck. My dick is so very hard as I push up against her rear. Reaching around  I play with her tits. Want to drive home my desire that I want her.  ” Oh darling we are going to have a wonderful honeymoon. My private  jet will fly us there, so don’ t worry about changing clothes..”

  • ” Jill your Mother looks so lovely and  Claire added the perfect accessories for the photo. The island we are going to does train pony girls.  Might the perfect place for Sarah to run in a couple of races. Yea that’s Larry,  he always a bit strange.”

  • ” Come dear , I know where there some clothes that will fit you,” I take a tight hold of her and lead her into the nursery. ” how on the table .”  Once she does I  powder bottom and a diaper on her bottom. Next a cute will baby doll outfit.

  • “Jill, I’m forward  to taking your Stepmother on this honeymoon. She quite lovely and guys like her. She going to make the perfect trophy wife. I do expect run the company while we are away.”

  • ” oh course Alice, you do need so many outfits, lingerie, shoes. We girl love shop til we drop. We will hit the cosmetics Dept get  all the makeup that you will need.”

    thought mentioning the baby girl thing would make her  more willing to be my girl Friday.

  • <p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>” Well Alice  you are sissy a very feminine look sissy. You would not last at on the street, either you be beaten up or get fucked. You like we can always get of those tiny sex organs.  As  to what I would do , well you would treated like baby girl. I have you in diapers  and you would in playpen or crib and get so…[Read more]

  • So many question from  my little sissy. trainee.

    “Well Alice we have a very strict dress code here all of our staff members must wear makeup, dresses, nylon stockings and still or heels.  As for being a boy you are so mistaken, you are Miss Alice Batten, my sweet girl Friday. You just a bit confused but we will  help you come to terms with new fe…[Read more]

  • I enjoyed watching my bride crawl down the aisle, perfect submissive  sissy. I will able do thing with her that my ex wife and those girls at the office refused to do for.  I loved she said the she honor and obey me. My associates were so turned on by wife, she really worth the money. She was a bit frigid  when I missed her but that will in ti…[Read more]

  • “Oh no we are just getting started, there is so much do we have to do.” I take my time as I paint  her lips “Oh Ruby red is a wonderful color for you.” Her lips are so very full and inviting, so kissable. The girl on Alice’s long shoulder length hair and bleach it blonde, her skin is so very smooth and soft, all facial and body hair gone. There t…[Read more]

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