• Jacqueline greets me with a warm hug which I return with a right squeeze.  I gratefully accept the drink and select one biscuit from the pack that Mechelle offers and pass the rest onto another girl.  I inspect the hobnob;  my right eyebrow rises slightly.

    “Mechelle, I don’t think I’ve ever heard hobnob used to describe cookies.  This looks yummy though.”

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    I’m so intent on Miss Shannon that I’m a bit startled by the soft touch on the back of my hand.  I turn toward Jacqueline with a bright smile, my head tilting a bit to the side.  I nod and take her hand interleaving my fingers with hers.

  • I breeze into the clubhouse, kick-off my stilettos and wiggle my toes with a satisfying sigh.

    “Hey, ladies.  What’s up?”


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    I drag myself into the Steel Horse.  It’s been a long shift with more than one grabby client.  I sidle up to the bar, look across at the bartender.

    “Hey hon, can I have an old fashioned.  I like ’em with a splash of soda water as well, please. “

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    I sit back to consider Miss Shannon’s question which is so simple, and yet cries for an answer on so many different levels.   My eyes drift up to the left as I try to frame my answer.  What do I want?  I want what I’ve always wanted.  I want to be women.  I want my flesh to match my soul, my spirit.  My lips turn upward in a small grin as I gently…[Read more]

  • I nod nervously and swallow when Miss Shannon enters the reception.   Smiling anxiously, I follow Jaqs into the office.  The familiar way she greets Miss Shannon helps to take the edge off a bit.  Taking a deep calming breath, I try to relax.

    “Thank you for seeing us, uhm, me Miss Shannon.  I hope you don’t mind that I’ve brought some frie…[Read more]

  • I giggle as Robbie makes his way over to Donna’s c0ffee and then uses a spoon to sip some java from the mug.

    “I am surprised you haven’t met Robbie before, Roni, as I have had him – well, I don’t have him, but he is with me – for quite a long time. He is a cockatoo.

    “I’m pretty sure I’d remember a handsome fellow like that.  And…

    [Read more]

  • After a long moment, I let KelliSue slide down through my arms.  Not quite ready to let the beautiful girl slip away again, I reach down and take her hand, my fingers slipping between hers.  I give her hand a tight squeeze before I turn to face the other girls.

    “Sorry girls, I was a bit distracted.   How is everyone?”

    I glance at the drink tha…[Read more]

  • I smile happily as first Jacqueline and then Laura reaches out takes a  hand and give it a squeeze.    It’s so good to have friends.  I look around the space, it looks like any other reception area.  I can’t help but remember Miss Lisa’s small office.  This space looks more heavily used than hers, but still … she did help some of the girls…[Read more]

  • Things have calmed down quite a bit in the bar.    The wait staff takes good care of the few of us still here.   I push the half-finished bottle of ale away from me and catch the bartender’s attention.

    “Excuse me, can you take this.  It’s really not to my taste.  I’d love another margie though when you get the chance.”

    Mechelle walks in with w…[Read more]

  • I smile as the brew is delivered and wave away the glass.  I’m frequently amazed at the selection at the Steel Horse.  I pick up the bottle and examine it a bit more closely.   I’m not sure that the fellow on the label is arrogant, but he certainly looks a bit scary.  My eyes narrow as I read the tag line below his portrait.  OK, so he IS arrog…[Read more]

  • After the girls finish their coffees, we head out of the clubhouse.  As we walk along, I glance at the two women walking at my side.  It’s good to know that I am not in this thing alone.  For the first time this morning, I feel something akin to freedom,  and joy bubbles up in my heart.  Smiling as my pace picks up, I begin to hum a tune.  Gradual…[Read more]

  • My ears perk up at Mechelle’s comment.  The corners of my mouth twitch upward as I try to suppress an impish grin.  I wink at KelliSue and call out to Mechelle.

    “Hey sis, I wouldn’t mind slamming down an Arrogant Bastard, do you think you can scare up a bottle for me?”

  • I feel a little bit guilty at the relief I feel when Jacs absolves me of any duties. but not guilty enough to make a fuss.   Instead, I sit down in the seat that Kelli offers and smile brightly as she kisses my cheek.  I bump shoulders against her and give her a quick tight hug, still feeling a little giddy that she is back at Lacy.   When she…[Read more]

  • Roni? My mouth opens but I can’t make my voice work. My back stiffens knees suddenly turning to jelly …Roni! I was in a bad place when last I’d seen my estranged wife. I wasn’t sure how she would react at first. But then she starts to speak. The sound of her voice pure music to my ears. Something about a song … kicking off a pla…

    [Read more]

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    I step back from the bar when the girl who has been drinking like a fish tosses her cookies all over it.  At least I’m able to save my drink.  Jacs has everything taken care of before I can get a word out … or even help out.  As she helps …. hmmm …. is it Ana?  … out, I slip up next her and ask her quietly.

    “Sis, is there anything I can…[Read more]

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