• Tiffy replied to the topic Group logo of M&R MaidsMaids Snug in the forum M&R Maids 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Don’t worry, Stacey … we won’t do anything to your bunk while you’re gone! *giggle*

  • From the corner of my eye, I see something I don’t see very often – Miss Yasmine looking nervous!

    I’m not entirely certain why – but I know from my experience that anytime Miss Yasmine isn’t comfortable, something is going on.

    I stand perfectly at attention waiting to see what has her on edge …

  • Tiffy replied to the topic Group logo of M&R MaidsTina's First Job, The Bathrooms in the forum M&R Maids 4 months ago

    {Tina – schedule looks like I’m on bathroom and you’re in the launderette?

    I’ll be starting my own bathroom thread}

  • Tiffy replied to the topic Group logo of M&R Maids6am Inspection (January) in the forum M&R Maids 4 months ago

    Jaime? I don’t think we’ve ever met  I thought I had at least a passing knowledge of each maid here. I guess there’s more kf us than I realized.

    She comes to me, and I perform mybvery best:


    Good morning, Miss Jaime. My name is Maid Tiffy, and I am a Junior Maid, Miss.”


    i keep my eyes down, waiting for what may come nex…[Read more]

  • Tiffy posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    Love it!

  • Alexa decides we should go to the hotel attached to the mall to lay low. Before I even have a chance to speak, she has her arm around my Anne, and I’m left with little choice but to follow the two hot ladies.

    I scurry after them, my heels clicking on the hard floor of the shop.

    They walk right out the door, leaving me to pay for what Anne is w…[Read more]

  • Tiffy replied to the topic Group logo of M&R Maids6am Inspection (January) in the forum M&R Maids 4 months, 1 week ago

    Inspection time! It’s the opportunity for all of us to make sure we meet he standard for the Corporation — but, more importantly, that we meet the standards of the Maids. This isn’t a proud service, and we need to take it seriously!

    I check every inch: my makeup, my uniform, my seams, my shoes. My new “junior maid tag.” (!!!!)

    I’m ready!

  • Alexa continues to help dress Anne, taking every opportunity to touch and tease and caress and kiss her.

    And Anne seems to love very bit of the attention. I can see the color in her cheeks. Hear her breathing … echoing my own.

    The two share one more lengthy kiss. Did Anne just moan? Then Anne raises her still-bound hands over her head: “What d…[Read more]

  • I dream I hear Miss Yasmine’s voice. “good night, sweetie.”

    I smile in my sleep, then fall deeper.

    I sleep heavily through the night. There’s something different, I’m sure, between sleeping on one’s own and sleeping with medical assistance.

    My body is ready for movement and activity. But it’s also been through a wringer.

    When I awaken the ne…[Read more]

  • Anne lets out a gasp – disappointment? – as Alexa rises from her pussy and reaches for a dress. She pulls the tight, tiny outfit over her hips, her breasts.

    Alexa clearly massages Anne’s breasts as she moves past them. Anne doesn’t seem to mind. She actually seems to like it.

    Alexa easily turns Anne to the wall, grinds into her as she raises the…[Read more]

  • Miss Yasmine shows off her modesty, insisting she was just doing her job in bringing me in tbe the Corporation

    “I think given some time in this new world and order you find yourself now in, you will not only do well, but find a sense of purpose and even enjoyment here.”

    I nod in agreement. Feeling I’m perhaps not as strong as I thought.

    I feel…[Read more]

  • “Miss Yasmine, I … I think I was ready for this, Miss.”

    ”I knew what I wanted, but I was afraid to admit it. Now that it’s happened, my course is set. There is no going back. That provides an incredible peace and freedom to me.”

    ”I have to thank you for the vital part you played in making this all happen,” I tell her, looking up with a smile.

  • Alexa does seem to be kissing Anne for a while. And Anne definitely seems to be enjoying that quite a bit …

    But the thought disappears as Alexa bends over to help Anne with her stockings, flashing her cute ass to me. Mmmm.

    As Alexa works on Anne, I stare at my lover, watching her gasp and writhe. Watching her reaction as Alexa massages her…[Read more]

  • “Perhaps that is for the best, Miss Yasmine.”

    I still feel tired. And I would like some privacy with my body, I think ….

  • Mmm. Alexa is playing us both, and I love it! She has me almost on the edge when she abruptly turns away, moving back to Anne. She bends over, pushing her sexy bottom onto my cock.

    I see her touching Anne’s sex, see my lover gasp at her touch. I take Alexa’s hips and press myself into her. Rubbing, gritting my teeth. Mmmmm. Wanting. Needing,

  • I shake my head.

    “No Miss.”

    I can explore on my own time. But time with Miss Yasmine isn’t as easily replaced.

  • I love the reminder that this was just the beginning. That we have only taken a small step toward an entirely new life. And that we have so many depending on us — our superiors, our sisters and more.

    More importantly, I know that Miss Yasmine would not do this for us without cause. We have earned her trust – to this level. And we will need to w…[Read more]

  • Maybe I’m a little overeager? Miss Yasmine giggles when I tell her I’m ready. She suggests I try to get myself a drink of water first.

    I’m still parched. It’s a good idea.

    I reach over to the table and pick up the glass. It’s surprisingly heavy. Weakly, I take a sip. It’s when I look down to see the glass that I first really see what’s on m…[Read more]

  • As I had hoped, Miss Yasmine tells me I have indeed passed! I’m no longer a trainee – I am a junior maid.

    With a broad smile, I accept the Junior Maid badge. As quickly as possible, I remove the old Trainee tag and put the new one in its place.

    ”Thank you, Miss Yasmine,” I say with another curtsey.

  • I feel so cared for as Miss Yasmine helps me up in my bed, holds my water for me. My lips are dry. I’m just starting to be aware of my body. It feels … different.

    Miss Yasmine moves the glass from my lips. I look up at her and smile. “Thank you,” I say with a little more strength.

    She begins to speak, gently. I feel like she’s trying to stay…[Read more]

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