• I look the situation over.  I can barely get my hands in there, so I know my head won’t fit.  I look it over again.

    “Spread your legs, then I can get my head in there.”  Once you do that then I can get my head in there and do as you told me to do.

  • I drop to my knees. As I am commanded to do. Not sure why I do, but I do.  As I wait for his further commands.

  • I look over and see the serum is done and is already in a syringe.  As I finish up my examination. She feels a little prick.

    “That should do it.  Your skin will be like this for the rest of the day. Don’t be surprised if you start to eat a lot today that is a sign the treatment is working, but by tomorrow it should be cleared up ,and you may e…[Read more]

  • I begin by gathering some instruments to begin the exam.  I make sure to get the D.N.A. sample needed to give her a tiny erection.  But it will also clear up her skin, so I guess that will be a plus, just that having a tiny erection may be a side effect, oh well.  As I continue the examination I ask her.

    “So what business are you in?’  I go ove…[Read more]

  • I smile and slap her ass again.  Then I begin to really pound her until I pull out and stroke myself to orgasm all over her back side.

    Then I lay on the bed .  “So Miss Lovescock, what are you going todo now?”

  • shannonf replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsPower Exchange in the forum Coxx Productions 1 day, 19 hours ago

    I see and know that the collar is being put on me, but I can’t react.  I just stand there and let it be put on me.  Then when the leash is added to the collar.  It makes me distraught at first, I ca not say nothing.  I don’t even notice my nipples being tugged on.  I am like a deer in the head lights.  I just stand there frozen. So many thing…[Read more]

  • I drop to my knees and begin to suck.  Making sure I get it nice and lathered up.  I make it nice and erect and hard.  Before long I stand up and guide the member into her.  I stand back as I really can’t make him pump and thrust.  as this is going on she notices my tiny bulge.  She reaches out and feels it.  She smiles first then giggles.

  • I stop and look at her.  when she responds the way she does.  Such the attitude. I wonder how she would react when she wakes up with a tiny erection?  This thought causes me to smile.  I am in the medical clinic after all. Well for me to do that I must obtain a D.N.A. sample.

    “Well there is something I may be able to do, but I must give you an…[Read more]

  • As I take you from behind I see you don’t even put up any fight in fact you are very docile almost like you want it.  As I pump you for a while I ask you. “What’s your name?” As I continue to pump you from behind.  Waiting for your reply I slap your ass making it jiggle.  I smile wen you finally say it.

  • shannonf replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsPower Exchange in the forum Coxx Productions 3 days, 19 hours ago

    I seem to have fallen  from my status,  Now I hear about being collared and leashed.  I lay there as they continue their onslaught of using my body for their amusement.

    I see one of the girls go and get a collar.  She stops and gives it to John. ‘It is only fitting that you do the honors.’  She says to him.

  • I see that she doesn’t put up much resistance, in fact she is helping by taking off clothes.  I watch after I get done ordering food.  At one time I would be taking turns with him having sex with her, but now that I am only 2 inches long I don’t see much use trying.  I don’t think I would even beable to enter her much less make her moan.

    I get cl…[Read more]

  • “# wishes?  Maybe two, after all my tiny cock is only 2 inches.  Something to snack on?  I will call room service and have them bring something up.  I also need to eat.  All this cum I have lost I do need to replace it.”  I smile and call.  Then the temp pops in.

    I show her to the desk were she will be manning.  Then I introduce you to her.

    “…[Read more]

  • shannonf replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsPower Exchange in the forum Coxx Productions 6 days, 20 hours ago

    ‘Well we didn’t want to over whelm her.  It is just a few hours after her transformation and ours.  There is a few things that all of us are getting used to.   So what would you suggest? ”  The girl says.

    I am on the floor still covered in cum.  How could I be more submissive?  I think about it, I have done everything, maybe I need to just stay…[Read more]

  • I look down at you while you are pleasuring my cock.  I smile and say. “I should have made your last name , ‘Lovescock.’ ”  Then I go back to checking the progress of the new girl.

    After a while I get a notice. that I will have to come down in the morning.  So what to do till then?  My body changed to meet the sultan’s desires.  I really don’…[Read more]

  • shannonf replied to the topic Group logo of Shannon's PenthouseLaura's new Job. in the forum Shannon's Penthouse 1 week ago

    “First off you can attend to my massive erection.”  I put on my robe allowing Laura access to it.  Then I check my phone to see any updates on the new girl.  Then after I see the updates I lean back and let Laura continue her task.

  • “Is there anything you want me to get together for the girls?”  As I text for a temp to come and man the reception desk.

    Then I go and get something on.

    It is not to hard to cover up my tiny erection with this out fit.

  • shannonf replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsPower Exchange in the forum Coxx Productions 1 week ago

    After they finish.  One asks John.  ‘How do you like her now? What with her being all submissive and not to mention her very tiny cock and her larger breasts.’

    I  sit there or rather lay there with cum on me.  I look up at them and I also hear the question.  I do wonder what he will say?

  • “I could get a temp, for reception.  I thought you may need help when the sultan. Getting things helping with the girls. Your only one man after all, besides herding the girls would be enough to keep anyone busy.  They could be like herding cats. ”  I joke and giggle.

  • shannonf replied to the topic Group logo of Coxx ProductionsPower Exchange in the forum Coxx Productions 1 week, 1 day ago

    I can feel my legs being spread apart.  I feel the plug removed my plug. Before he entered me.  Now I have cocks all around me some going in me my hands around one and now my ass being used, not to mention the one sliding between my breasts.

  • I look at your mound.  “Well your in style.  There is a lot of bald mounds around here.  I wouldn’t worry to much about it.  You must have used the wrong bottle.  Maybe you grabbed the Nare instead of what you intended.  I’m sure it will grow back sometime. ”

    With these small cases of sunburns or the head aches.  It kind of makes me feel like a…[Read more]

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