• Held in place by the muscle bound black guy his dick dripping on my back as Mr Bourbon pulls my erect dick back, with some difficulty at first wihh itvdesperatlyvwanting to spring back at full attention….even in his hands….. but as he pushes harder and twist slighty it continues to move…
    down and back…using my panties to help hold it in…[Read more]

  • Bethany whispers a caution in my ear abot ending up in the porn industry if i keep dancing like this! As much as i enjoy watching porn, like every other guy, imagining fucking the hot girls….looking like this i doubt i would be doing the fucking…but rather getting fucked….and looking at the size of the dick that guy looking at us just pulled…[Read more]

  • I snap back into reality as Bethany gives me a nudge at the same time the plug in my but starts to pulse harder and faster almost in time wuth the music, the surge from inside sparks my body with electricity as i turn to her..


    As i watch her move i can see she is experiencing the same sensations as me..i do my best to copy her but dancing was…[Read more]

  • Once the strawberries are done. Bethany grabs the bowl and licks up the last of the cream…and i find myself disapointed she didnt save me any….what am i thinking its cum!

    Mr Bourbon tells us to get ready and Bethany leads the way…putting on stockings, corset and i do my best to copy her….but i lack her finess and speed…my previous…[Read more]

  • I finally fell asleep….passed out might be more like it but I don’t feel like I get any rest….image after image fill my mind…


    Flashbacks …..from somewhere deep within…

    girl desire

    Recent Memories or are these something older?


    ….a fantasy, dream or nightmare….


    A longing desire to fuck and or be fucked….No….No … i dont want…[Read more]

  • Exhausted we are lead away by a very smug Tess taking any opportunity to hit us with her crop…though i notice Bethany gets the worst of it… clearly trying to stamp her authority on her one time boss.

    Naked we huddle together on the lift when it finally arrives… our cum smeared bodies rubbing together, the smell of it all over us.. lingering…[Read more]

  • I feel the strapon slide into my ass and i cant describe the sensation as the fear and excitement combine into an overwhelming pulse of energy that flows through my body each time Tess excitedly thrust the strapon into my ass…into me ….. she slaps my ass each time i lose my pace with mr bourbon causing me to suck and lick his firm dick inside…[Read more]

  • As mr Bourbon chuckles to himself i catch a glimps of a new picture on my phone…..Lucy!


    Oh god no…. she knows!! Worse than that she has to behind this all….i wonder if my wife knows….or how long it will be … thank god her phoned died….if i could get my phone back maybe i could….i dont know what but…[Read more]

  • Looking up at Mr Bourbon smiling down at us licking his dick is a strange feeling…

    it wasnt so long ago i was on the other side of this, one of my wife’s treats for our wedding anniversary ……..she didn’t like doing it…..which usually resulted in a lack lustre effort….. I called her out on this last time telling her she should enjoy…[Read more]

  • I finally bring Tess to her peak as Mr Bourbon takes Tess in hand….. and gives her a rapid succession of forceful orgasms within seconds of taking over, with each orgasm I am literally soaked in a river of ….pussy fluid ….gushing out of her all over me still kneeling in front of her.

    For a moment i am shocked never having seen this…[Read more]

  • We arrive in a room that i nearly mistook as my own but this one lacks all the feminine touches that mine was filled with…

    I fall to my knees as Tess finally lets me go.

    Bethany and Tess have what seems to be a shift in power as Tess slaps Bethany accoss the face and for some reason Bethany does not respond……something about the imminent…[Read more]

  • Tess drags me out from under the table Bethanys juices still dripping off my lips….

    smeared lips

    Well that didnt exactly go according to plan….. Mr bourbon was not pleased when Tess landed me in it….right along with Bethany it seems….clearly i have much more to learn about who wears the trousers around here ….which, as i look down at my erection…[Read more]

  • Suddenly under the table with my hands cufffed behind my back….my bum red raw..panties around my ankles and the heels on my feet catching the sensitive skin on my bum as i try to find a position on my knees that doesn’t cause me to put too much pressure on my backside….made all the more difficult by the legs that seems to be coming at me from…[Read more]

  • Mr Bourbon drags me back demanding a proper apology and his intent to teach me a lesson. Perfect – I’m up a for a fight with this tosser!

    I try to square up to him only to find myself yanked face down over his knee!

    Before I know it there is a firm slap on m ass!!


    Is he spanking me ?!!

    “Get off me!”


    I try to wriggle free but he…[Read more]

  • Bethany explodes at my outburst, accusing me of behaving like a slut!!

    She scoops up some of the cum from my thigh and waves it in front of me…I flinch and try to pull away but she is surprisingly strong and holds me in place.

    She goes on to describe watch have been doing and I have blurry images in my memory that suggest it may have been true…[Read more]

  • His hands persist in their continued exploration of my thighs, his warm hands caressing the nylons sending sparks throughout my already overely aroused body,

    When I give up my futile attempts to keep them at bay his hand slips between my thighs, teasing ever higher until he slips under the edge of my dress….my short dress! It doesn’t take long…[Read more]

  • As the girls talk and laugh I mostly keep my eyes down and focus on my walking……. trying not to think about cream…..


    lips leaking

    a picture keeps appearing in my mind with a girl wanting me to kiss her but her mouth is full of cream….. my stomach twinges but my mind seems to accept it and want more…

    I guess …..cream would be ok..”

    I say…[Read more]

  • John Strong and Profile picture of RiellaRiella are now friends 1 month, 1 week ago

  • Tess seems to have got impatient with me….. or bored of waiting to get her hands on me. Her hand moves to my penis sticking out of the panties I am wearing.

    My dick leaks a little in anticipation as she takes hold and……tucks it back into my panties. Not what i was hoping for.

    Before I know it  I am sat surrounded by makeup as Tess in a…[Read more]

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