• I’m amazed at how responsive they both are to my instructions and cant help but give a little victory dance
    smug dance
    Mr kennedy continues to lick my thighs and cage the little slut and Beth sucks the lucky prick to within an inch of cumming. Her skill and efforts are intoxicating to watch and if my dick wasnt locked up i would be under her spell just like…[Read more]

  • Seeing Beth again I find some strength to resist my desire to suck his cock… but hearing her story about the janitor…. I sort of feel bad for her.

    When we met she was this super confidant authoritive type until Tess flipped the tables on her, though Tess soon lost control too …. out there somewhere making hot porno movies of her own…and…[Read more]

  • The screen on the wall behind mr Kennedy shows a stream of images of girls … sexy school girls fucking and sucking their teacher. Moaning and screaming with delight and constant sound of slurping and sucking..
    The sounds alone make me leak with desire, but with the the plug pulsing deep within me its causing a constant flow of sticky wet…[Read more]

  • “I want to be fair Rielle, or if  you still prefer  I can call you…….Richard?”

    He says locking the door and closing the blind as my eyes go wide hearing …my name, so out of place here.

    “I understand your predicament. You didn’t ask for this…. not directly anyway, hah”

    He laughs turning back to me.

    “Sorry, that was unprofessional of m…[Read more]

  • “How very disappointing.  You were showing such promise but clearly you just want to join your slutty friend in the Janitors office.”

    He says draghing me over to his desk, ass out to the class.

    He moves around behind me but instead of getting the spanking i was expecting i feel him locking my wrists into handcuffs behind my back.

    “But…[Read more]

  • worried
    As Bethany is escorted out by the teacher i realize i might have got carried away…. but i hope beth realized it wasnt personal.

    With the teacher out the room the other girls turn to me.

    “Oh yur so clever aren’t you… “

    “Want to be the teachers pet?”

    “Ohhh, but what will he say when he finds his favourite little girl isn’t wearing any…[Read more]

  • I do as instructed and start to spank the first girl…. Gently exploring the sensation from the other side.

    first spank

    Mr kennedy doesn’t seem too impressed with my efforts but i can’t say im complaining feeling this girls bum, ruffling her cute panties.. i hide my smile and move on to the next girl.

    examine spank

    This girls bum is almost perfect and I cant help…[Read more]

  • standing school girl

    Awkwardly i stand up to answer,

    “…erm, de-port-ment..?”

    It hangs in the air for a moment. The girls staring at me with their bums sticking out at me their panties on show…a stupid smile creeping onto my face……this is a sight I have dreamt of many times growing up and fantasized about when i was at school…… I realize again that i am…[Read more]

  • Despite our vanishing panties i am surprisingly excited about fixing up our make up…not that i have ever actually got this to look right when ive tried in the past….. i stare into the mirror at….the girl in the mirror… my own reflection, i suddenly see with clarity exactly what i need to do.

    My hands working quickly with precision. I…[Read more]

  • panties off

    I quickly drop my panties not hesitating to follow the prompti g i was given…. these girls are hot and i…. my mind is conflicted for a moment…. part of me wishes i looked as hot as them (perhaps if i fixed my makeup like…..) while the other part of me is desperate to show them what kind of a man i can…could….oh…

    I sheepishly…[Read more]

  • pretty eyes

    Suddenly i am bombarded with various make up tutorials, i have tried watching some in the past….curiosity and boredom on lonely nights…. but my dick never had the patience for it… but now, lock up with a sensual pulsing from the plug sending waves of pleasure through my body from my plug … in time with every brush stroke…


    I feel…[Read more]

  • Seated at the computer with my hands secured against the pads I look to Bethany who looks equally confused as me.

    Mrs Richmond explains that it is a simple training program thay just monitors responses and puts head phone on us both before telling us to have fun….wait did she say a few hours?!

    She disappears as the lights dim and the first…[Read more]

  • I hear mr Bourbons apologies to the crowd referring to orders from my owner… my wife. I picture her image in my mind the one tome core and devotion of my life whos successes lead to my bitter resentment and…..jealousy…how she could succeed when i could not. Luck? Looks?


    I see her now in a new light. Her one innocence and naiive behaviour…[Read more]

  • Held in place by the muscle bound black guy his dick dripping on my back as Mr Bourbon pulls my erect dick back, with some difficulty at first wihh itvdesperatlyvwanting to spring back at full attention….even in his hands….. but as he pushes harder and twist slighty it continues to move…
    down and back…using my panties to help hold it in…[Read more]

  • Bethany whispers a caution in my ear abot ending up in the porn industry if i keep dancing like this! As much as i enjoy watching porn, like every other guy, imagining fucking the hot girls….looking like this i doubt i would be doing the fucking…but rather getting fucked….and looking at the size of the dick that guy looking at us just pulled…[Read more]

  • I snap back into reality as Bethany gives me a nudge at the same time the plug in my but starts to pulse harder and faster almost in time wuth the music, the surge from inside sparks my body with electricity as i turn to her..


    As i watch her move i can see she is experiencing the same sensations as me..i do my best to copy her but dancing was…[Read more]

  • Once the strawberries are done. Bethany grabs the bowl and licks up the last of the cream…and i find myself disapointed she didnt save me any….what am i thinking its cum!

    Mr Bourbon tells us to get ready and Bethany leads the way…putting on stockings, corset and i do my best to copy her….but i lack her finess and speed…my previous…[Read more]

  • I finally fell asleep….passed out might be more like it but I don’t feel like I get any rest….image after image fill my mind…


    Flashbacks …..from somewhere deep within…


    Recent Memories or are these something older?


    ….a fantasy, dream or nightmare….


    A longing desire to fuck and or be fucked….No….No … i dont want…[Read more]

  • Exhausted we are lead away by a very smug Tess taking any opportunity to hit us with her crop…though i notice Bethany gets the worst of it… clearly trying to stamp her authority on her one time boss.

    Naked we huddle together on the lift when it finally arrives… our cum smeared bodies rubbing together, the smell of it all over us.. lingering…[Read more]

  • I feel the strapon slide into my ass and i cant describe the sensation as the fear and excitement combine into an overwhelming pulse of energy that flows through my body each time Tess excitedly thrust the strapon into my ass…into me ….. she slaps my ass each time i lose my pace with mr bourbon causing me to suck and lick his firm dick inside…[Read more]

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