• OH! Me, I’m not sure I have a speciality I’m good at everything (At least in my head I am)
    I suppose I’m a good organizer, I have my own business at home so I know what goes on in an office (never yet met a manager who could actually type and do office work, they rely on staff for those things, but I need to sound good to get a job).
    I can cook[Read more]

  • I had sort of guessed she was behind things but I’m beginning to wonder if my guess at why was right.

    There is no expression on her face as she now starts dusting my face with powder but out of the corner of my eye I see her shift her weight onto one foot

    Mistress Abbey I say as fast as I can THUD
    Too slow my little bitch.
    I may be stuck i…[Read more]

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  • On second thoughts she says as she bundles the hair into a very large shower cap followed by swimming goggles over my eyes.

    Pulling me off of the table she snaps   Stand still bitch and spread your arms and legs.

    Still shaken and confused I stand as ordered as she starts to spray my body with a fine mist spray. Its time I got to the bottom of w…[Read more]

  • Cautiously I enter what appears to be a waiting room rather than a reception area. The sign outside caught my attention ‘Hiring Staff’
    I take a seat and just listen to what is going on before I Decided if I stay and ask after any trainee positions.

    I over hear the words maid, chauffeured, gardener, secretary, IT, dungeon slave maid and a fet…[Read more]

  • She continues ….

    Don’t worry too much about the length of the hair you now have. It has a normal volume so we can work it into a style that conceals its length. How this stuff works is that it coats your own hair and then draws out from it becoming longer but thinner as it does until the chemicals involved are neutralised or become dry. By the…[Read more]

  • After what seemed an eternity I heard a clicking of heels followed by the sheet being folded down to chest level.

    Don’t move or speak, there are eyes and ears everywhere Looking up I think to myself and mirrors on ceilings. I see my head and shoulders and what looks like a cut on my temple explaining my sore head.

    They think you are dead, one o…[Read more]

  • Next thing I know is that I’m lying on something hard and cold with a hard and cold headrest, my head is pounding; I can see nothing because of a whitish fog.

    To my relief the ‘fog’ turns out to be a white sheet placed over my face. Light streams in when it is lifted silhouetting a little Gothic face. Before I can say anything a finger is place…[Read more]

  • Its only when I see the black and white gnomes go with their purchase orders that I actually realize just what I’ve done. THEY ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO GET WHAT I ASKED FOR !!!!!!

    The Crazy Woman is calling my bluff – WHY!!??

    I’ve worked out she wants to dress me up for a couple of wild Parties where I have to look like a girl for one and pre…[Read more]

  • The Gang shuffle around while I struggle to me feet with a laser light darting about over me. For the first time I see the length of the ‘hair’ OH GOD !!!!

    In a pleading voice I again ask Please tell me this hair will shorted as it settles down PLEASE.

    I let out a HUGE SIGH as the Maid says she wants me to behave like a girl; I thought I mor…[Read more]

  • A very smartly dressed Maid enters the room causing everyone to fall silent as she approaches. Before I know what has happened I’m seeing stars lying at her feet getting annoyed at the giggles surrounding me.

    Damned hair is everywhere as I try to sit up, under my elbows and I seem to be sitting on it too now so it must be a ‘Crystal Gayle Loo…[Read more]

  • Still strapped down I can’t reach where I’m starting to itch, which just makes the feeling worse wriggling trying to reach I realise it’s not an itch by the Crazy Woman playing with some sort of remote control to give me electrical stimulation. Trying not to give her the satisfaction of watching me squirm I ignore it as much as possible. Seems…[Read more]

  • I think Crazy Woman is enjoying teasing me about what I’m being made over to look like which as far as I can tell is going to be like Elvira for my Stag Party and when I get to my Bride-to-be’s Hen Night Party I’ve to change clothes and work as a serving Maid for the party. What a combination, looks like it will be an interesting next two days.…[Read more]

  • I’m familiar with the method of hair extension, its used as a cover up for baldness, I doubt her claims of it being so long lasting. However I do respond to her question.

    Well since my beloved loves running her fingers through my hair commenting how tall dark and handsome I am I guess it will have to be long black wavy hair. Make it waist or b…[Read more]

  • Well if you say so; I can’t really hear my own voice properly, or sing because I’m tone deaf.

    She starts to tell me that the makeover will be long lasting and needing maintenance rather than it being undone because it will be so difficult to undo. Does she really think this lot will be on longer than it takes for me to get back to my roo…[Read more]

  • The Horse Doctor starts to explain that she has been hired to do a makeover and boast about how good she is at doing it saying some of her work can last for years and says that some can travel the world doing Cosplay.

    I think you will find that it’s my wife-to-be who has arranged this as some sort of ‘Stag Night Prank’ and by next week I’ll…[Read more]

  • I doubt that Big Business like that would even acknowledge a request like that for a Party Prank so I guess you are out of luck, no fun for you today.

    So too am I by the sound of it, my plan to trick her to taking me to my room backfired and now she actually believes I want castrated! Guess I’ll just have to make the most of teasing and c…[Read more]

  • The bright lights go off suddenly and while trying to refocus my eyes I realise why the Goth girls as assistants. In bright light black and white are so much easier to see.

    My eyes focus on a ceiling mounted screen showing a woman poking at someone’s balls and asking if there are funds for castration.

    The screen and what is coming from t…[Read more]

  • Regaining my balance I stand ready to go.

    Without warning in a burst of black and white activity I’m pushed back onto a table splayed out and strapped down very tightly and can see nothing because a bright light is shining in my eyes.

    A new voice introduces herself as a medical Doctor. The prank continues as I croak

    I’m not ill

    This is…[Read more]

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