• I had the evening off.  I d listened to my answerphone MSGs & tied up a few loose ends in the Various Groups i was now involved with.  Work didn t stop for me simply when i left the Front Desk but tonight was a night to let my hair down.

    Primped & Showered, a little light make-up & i got changed into a black mini dress with cork wedges.  I te…[Read more]

  • She repeats my suggestion, almost like a Mantra!  Her reluctance had receded, just like the evening shadows at Dawns break.  I was her Sun now, her Day & her Destiny!  I alone was her Mistress & she my Sissy Toy in Bondage!  Oh Goodie!!! ~Squeal

    “Oh Honey, you re SO Sweet, you know that!  I can see just how Bad you really want to Suck my Shem…[Read more]

  • “So can we say you like your new brows?  Despite what people say, its your eyes that are the First thing a Person looks at when they meet you.  Now we ve opened them up, made them a focal point & given an overall frame to your face!” ~Grin 


    “OK, so next we re going to consider some piercings!  You might have noticed, I ve gone fairly min…[Read more]

  • Polite? Well perhaps when he wasn’t calling someone a Bitch, Slut or Whore! ~Giggle Maybe she had just been in the throws of Passion then, or consumed by the moment?

    “Well, this *Pamphlet details some of the Prospective Jobs over at the Lacy Place, any questions just ask!”

    I take out a white eyeliner pencil & begin holding it from various angles…[Read more]

  • ~Giggle  “So my Opposed Sissy wants to be my Dedicated Sissy Student Now?  Hhmmm, is that right?  Just moments ago you were going to be the Buck in my backdoor but OK, we ll see, you ll be my Disciple!”

    I stride to be infront of her & lift up my ball less shemale cocklette…

    “Take a good look Sissy, because that’s what a T-Gurls cocklette lo…[Read more]

  • We d only been together for a hort while, long enough to introduce ourselves, him to Fuck me up my Arse & then for me to lay the bones of her future self.  Still, she was taking to it like a duck to water & that made it easier for me…

    “Well, I think we should go all out & go for Ultra Pink!  You ll be very distinguishable & stand out from the c…[Read more]

  • Erica Explores her new Tits & the Sensations, tries out her new voice & asks me a question…

    “Well, sometimes: Oh Yes Mistress, ofcourse I m ready for a Panties Inspection… & Yes Mistress, I would Adore to Worship your Pussy & be your Sissy Pussy Slave!” ~Giggle

    “OK, so we re going to look at your hair next.  I ll be giving you long flowing…[Read more]

  • I continue to Tease as I push myself back with my splayed hands, forcing my derriere closer & then move forward again in a simulated Fucking display.  Finally shuffle the short distance back so we could engage.  Reach under & around my parted legs to grip her Hard Joystick.

    To my disappointment I find myself grappling with a noodle, it was more t…[Read more]

  • the Morrigan and Profile picture of LydiaLydia are now friends 2 weeks ago

  • “Oh Honey, you re already Pearling!” ~Smirk

    I lean forward & wipe up the gathered bead with my outstretched finger.  Next look at my horny Gymnast in the eyes & smear her pre-cum on her painted lips, watching for her reaction.

    “Oh the Sweet Taste of Trepidation!  I think we re going to make you release a lot of that!” ~Grin

    I twist my torso t…[Read more]

  • “Oooh, a little Tie & Tease, OK we can do that you Kinky Slut!” ~Giggle

    I pull one leg to be under myself & twist my torso to face her. Use my fingers to toy with her hand before guiding it up to be on my perky breast.

    “So, have you even kissed a Gurl before? Let’s try it, because I reckon I can take your breath away!” ~Wink

    Tilt my head & inch…[Read more]

  • Lydia posted a new activity comment 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Hiya Shannon. I started a thread here back on the 6th. No takers or other activity though there are new gurls joining the group.
    • My Lord, she certainly was the Conflicted little Flower!  Not heard this quandary before but some like it.  Decide she would benefit from a Sympathetic ear, so Strut over to the door in my killer heels & flip the lock…

      “OK, so it seems like you re saying you ve got a Fetish for Womens Clothes, am I right?  That’s OK!  Though, if you re ima…[Read more]

    • I wasn t in the habit of Accosting Gurls but this one seemed new.  It wasn t that she looked bad, quite the opposite but they seemed to exude a certain air I could pick up on.  She stammers & couldn t even complete her sentence which only confirmed what I already new…

      “Try & Relax Honey!  I m quite an unfettered Soul & non-judgemental so re…[Read more]

    • Damn it, I hated to be rushed but a Clients Wishes were inherently my Own! ~Pout I hurriedly grab my clutch & retreat to the Ensuite.  Close the door & turn the shower on cold. 

      I open my bag & place apon the counter top, the cosmetics almost spilling out.  Lay out my Fuck me Please outfit & begin to Shower , Dry , Scented Musk Oil on all the pl…[Read more]

    • Franco grins big before he turns to reach for the highest set of keys on a small wall mounted rack.  He insists ALL the sheets are clean & offers his latest valued patron the Platinum Suite.  I notice his one good eye take a keen interest in the briefcase but I had no idea what thoughts were accompanying his observation. It did ignite my own c…[Read more]

    • Welcome to the Red Light District!


      This Quadrant caters to the Whims & Fantasie s of Paying Clients/Guests.  Everything is either for Sale or Hire & even the Seediest Tastes/Requests are Indulged!

      Services included but not limited to: Escorts/Whores, Peep Shows & Burlesque, Glory-Holes, BDSM sessions,  Sex Shops,  Tattoo Parlours, Ni…[Read more]

    • We pull into the parking lot & he finds a spot to park his car.  I barely have time to gather my hair to one side & around the back of my neck to the front, draping it over my delicate collarbone.  Our lips are but moments from a kiss but he instead teasingly offers his proposal.  I tilt my head slightly from side to side, gazing down at our ob…[Read more]

    • “Ofcourse you ll be a Complete Sissy, we only make %100 Pedigree Sissie s here at Miss Kathy s Domain!  Just look at me, I bet you couldn t even distinguish me from a Natural born Women when you first laid eyes on me!” ~Wink

      “Please DO Play with your Tittie s Honey, I did say you should didn t I?  So, next is a subtle yet drastic change!  We re…[Read more]

    • I notice his attention was briefly torn to the back seat & the case that was apon it but simply nod when he says he has sufficient cash to cover my fee s.  Maybe this would be a long trick I muse, as he had said the eve

      “OK, Julian the Super-Nova Motel it is!  The names misleading because its certainly not the Biggest just off the Strip but t…[Read more]

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