John Coxx

  • You remove my chastity.

    I don’t even care that we are up on stage and everyone can see that I’m a sissy.

    I’m just to grateful as you stroke my hard cock.

    “Thank you Mistress Kat”

    I cum all over your hand with just a little stroking.

  • I’m so relieved when you agree to leave the pageant without me competing in it.

    But when the taxi driver checks me out you tells him I’m a tramp and ask for his number so I can date him.

    I’m so ashamed I cover my face but don’t protest.

    We don’t go home but instead go to Club Kitty Kat.

    You have one of your friends watch me while you…[Read more]

  • We ride down the elevator to the floor in which your office was.

    I grin as  parade you around like some exotic pet.

    I introduce you.

    “This is my new secretary Tina”

    Everyone wants to have a look at you and most grab you inappropriately.

  • “This is how you treat a sissy”

    I give your shapely ass a hard spank.

    “A good spanking reminds the sissy of her place”

    I spank you again only harder.

    “Now you girls try it”

  • You manage to get our head close enough to suck my balls.

    I love the feeling of having my balls sucked by you while I fuck someone else.

    I grope her tits and bang her ass even harder.

    I pull out so I can flip her over.

    With my cock temporarily out of her ass I look at you to see if you know what to do.

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    You make good time and within a couple of hours we reach the highway.

    You see a car but it doesn’t slow down.

    Another car does slow down but the man in it only takes a picture of you and drives off.

    We reach a gas station and I pull on the reins for you to stop as you are pretty tired.

    I get out of the cart and tie your leash to a pole so you…[Read more]

  • My offer angers you and you take it out on my poor balls.

    I scream in panic and pain unable to explain that was all the cash I had in the Studio.

    I manage to breath through the pain as you lessen your grip.

    “I can get more money, I just need time” 

    I try to explain but your having none of it, you want everything, my entire business.

    I don’t…[Read more]

  • John Coxx replied to the topic Group logo of DD RanchHorse trading in the forum DD Ranch 2 days, 8 hours ago

    You lead the cart out of the barn and onto the single path.

    I keep hold of the reins using them to guide you.

    I use the crop on your rump whenever I feel you slacking off.

    The path takes us by the woods you tried to escape into.


    I crop your ass until you trot.

  • “There you go running that mouth of yours again”

    I put a piece of tape over your mouth to shut you up.

    “I’m going to enjoy training you”

    I grin as I put the handcuffs back on you behind your back.

    “Let’s go”

    We go to the elevator with you dressed like a schoolgirl with your blouse open.

    “All your coworkers will want to get into your…[Read more]

  • The offer of money seems to appeal to you.

    You stop stroking my cock to think about it.

    I’m sure your going to untie me until I see the look in your eyes from up close.

    I swallow hard unsure of what you mean.

    “I can give you $250,000 in cash right now”

    I low ball you but it’s still a lot of money.

    I bite my lip to keep from moaning as your…[Read more]

  • John Coxx replied to the topic Group logo of DD RanchHorse trading in the forum DD Ranch 2 days, 21 hours ago

    After you finish drinking I but the bit gag back in your mouth.

    I lead you out of the barn by your reins.

    Once outside I take you to the second barn where the carts are kept.

    I secure you to the cart by your waist and double check it.

    I get in the cart and pull on your reins.

    “Easy girl”

    I give your rump a swat and tug on the reins.


  • “I’ve had enough of your mouth”

    I slap you.

    “You’ll wear whatever I tell you and you’ll smile and thank me”

    I unbutton your blouse so your bra can be seen.

    “Unless you prefer walking around in nothing but your lingerie”  

  • I tug on your collar harder.

    “Get on your hands and knee’s Sissy”

    I wrap the leash around my hand so that there’s no slack.

  • You make my cock wet with your mouth and then stick it in her ass.

    “That’s a good sissy”

    I begin to thrust and fuck her hard shaking the entire desk.

    Your work is not over as I push you down to your knee’s again.

    “Suck on my balls while I fuck her”

  • You telling me to be polite only makes me angrier, your going to so regret pulling this shit.

    But only thing pulling on the ties does hurts my wrists and ankles so I’m forced to stop.

    I glare at you as you come closer but as soon as you touch my cock it springs to life.

    Two strokes of your soft fingers and it’s fully hard even.

    I’m stunned by…[Read more]

  • Kandi and Profile picture of John CoxxJohn Coxx are now friends 2 days, 22 hours ago

  • “That’s your name now Tina”

    I grin.

    “If you behave, do as your told and are a goo girl you won’t get spanked, shocked or even worse” 

  • John Coxx replied to the topic Group logo of DD RanchHorse trading in the forum DD Ranch 3 days, 4 hours ago

    The next morning I return to your stall having showered and had breakfast.

    I unbolt your stall and put down your daily bucket of dirty water.

    I remove out your gag.

    “Drink up” 

  • I’m like a kid in the candy store as your shapely legs part for me.

    My hand reaches all the way to your panties and I’m about to grab them when i feel a sharp pain in the back of my neck.

    It takes about 5 seconds for me to realize what happened and I don’t even have the chance to get out a single word.

    Your face is the last thing  see as I…[Read more]

  • You tell me your so wet but at the same time take a hold of my hand to stop me from getting at the honey pot.

    I grin when you ask if there’s a bed we can use.

    “Whatever my lady wants”

    I sweep you off your feet and carry you into one of stage rooms which has a large bed in it.

    The bed is surrounded by camera’s and audio equipment.

    I lay you…[Read more]

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