• “Eeeeep”


    Flinches when she gets the shot, but tries not to show it.


    “Thank you Dr.? I am looking forward to making sure that I don’t have to deal with my skin peeling while I am in conference tomorrow.  And believe me, I have worked far too hard to let this opportunity get past me. Its not everyday that a woman like me gets into a firm…[Read more]

  • Sitting on the table casually, robe partially open. With my nerves slightly on edge as I calm myself down, now that things are going to be taken care of.

    “Oh yes, I am a lawyer from a highly competitive firm out of San Francisco. I’m up for a promotion, along with several other lawyers. Its kind of a competition to see who has the right sort of…[Read more]

  • Sighs as she climbs up onto the exam table taking her seat.

    “Finally, someone is actually taking this seriously. Its bad enough that women get so little respect in the business world. Having to fight every step all the way to a position of prominence. You would think another woman would at least take you seriously when your in a desperate…[Read more]

  • Thinks about the body soap that she used in the bath earlier.


    “Clearly Dr., you do not understand the seriousness of the situation. I have a very important client to meet with tomorrow and cannot have such a severe sunburn causing distractions while I am trying to concentrate on the business at hand. And this disaster down here…”

    Opens her…[Read more]

  • With the phone in one and taking the pink lotion with the other, the robe drops open, revealing my large breasts and the completely bare patch of my pubic mound. I immediately blush. Then in a haughty tone of superiority.


    “Oh….um….Is this all I need for these severe burns. Surely there must be something more you can do for me?


    Holding…[Read more]

  • I take my cell phone out and open up pictures to show her the damage.

    “See, this is what happened, my skin has 3rd degree burns and its all the girls fault who was assisting me at the employees swimming pool. Clearly she did not put the sun screen on me as I asked her too.”

    Clearly the burns are no where near as bad as she claims.

  • After sitting for a while in the waiting room, someone finally comes in and asks if they could help out.


    “Oh, thank you so much. I have been waiting for a long time. I need some serious help right this minute.”


    Has only been waiting for a few minutes and is still wearing the robe from the employee swimming area. Stands up and walk over.

  • “Hello Mistress Kathy, I’m Dannielle. There was a Shannon here a little while ago. She left as I was coming into the clinic. Maybe she will come back soon.”


    I smile as I take a seat in the waiting room.

  • After getting some basic directions from a maid, I find my way to the hotels clinic. I walk inside still wearing the Hotels employee swimming pool robe.

    “Hello, is anyone in here. I need some help immediately.”

    My voice comes across with a haughty and dismissive attitude.

  • I look around for the girl who was helping me out and find her no where in sight. Standing in the dressing room completely naked. I try to put my clothes back on but the sunburn prevents me from getting more than the bare essentials on and then I wrap a robe about myself.

    I head out into the hallway and ask the first person I see the directions…[Read more]

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  • About forty-five minutes later, I come running into the ladies showers in distress. I gingerly peel my swimsuit off and find my phone so I can get a picture of how bad the burn is.

    “O fuck…..O fuck…..O fuck! This hurts so much. Aloe vera…..wheres the aloe vera?”

    I rummage around the shower area looking for something to put on the sun burn.

  • At the first touch of the cool lotion, I give a little jolt, but then settle into relaxing as your hands spread the lotion over my back.

    “Well, I am here for the weekend, supposed to be meeting a client tomorrow. Hopefully I will get more time to relax afterwards. But this is really nice right now.”

    I lay quietly after that and let the hot…[Read more]

  • I proceed to drink my cold drink and in the hot sun, I feel a bit drowsy. With my sun shades on I lay back and close my eyes until the girl returns with a shade and opens it over me.

    “Thank you dear, that is lovely. Just one more thing. Could be a doll and rub this lotion on my back for me?

    I hand her the lotion and then turn over, lowering my…[Read more]

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  • I sit in the lounger and relax, waiting for Taffy to return. I take the offered drink and sip on it before setting it on a small table next to me.

    “Thank you Taffy, its so nice to get some actual VIP treatment. Maybe you could find a big umbrella, I think this sun is going to be more than I can bare with my delicate skin.”

    I lay back on the…[Read more]

  • I shift back and forth looking at myself, my breasts feel a little odd inside the swimwear, but otherwise it looks fine.

    “I have to agree, I like how I look in black and this material feels quite comfortable.”

    I collect some sun screen and an full length cover-up that barely comes to my knees. Then get some sandals and head out to the…[Read more]

  • I turn back and wait while you retrieve another swimsuit. I look at the presented swimwear in disbelief. Then collect myself.

    “Where did that come from? I looked everywhere.”

    Knowing that a black swim suit would do a better job of minimizing my size.

    “Does it come in black?”

    I watch as you again disappear for a moment and return with another…[Read more]

  • I clearly have a look of concern on my face when I show off the swimwear and try to appear happy with the selection.

    “No, I can’t say that I am happy with this. Its clearly on the skimpy side. But none of the modest bathing suits were even close to my size. The others I tried were no more than strings. Maybe there is something in my size that is…[Read more]

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