• I sigh and try to relax while the video comm starts. This must go well, she must end this nightmare. Then, at exactly 9:00, the screen connects and i see Monique on the screen.

    “Hi Honey, it is good to see you. I love you. Before you say anything i want to say i am sorry for treating you bad and for things that might have happened. I promise i…[Read more]

  • I had  terrible night full of fear and despair. I hardly had had any sleep. When i eventually did fall a sleep i had nightmares in which my dick was gone and Tina, Monique, Tammie and other females were ridiculing me and laughing.

    Tired and afraid i wait in the bed until suddenly Tina enters the room.

    I ask: “Did she agree. Will she see me?”

  • Yes please try to contact Monique. She must stop this. I am sure she doesn’t want this for me. Please get her on the line.

    I try to calm myself down and to stop crying. I  wait for Tina to contact my Wife. She will get me out of this. She probably thought this would all be a big joke. With dread i look at the IV bag afraid of what kind of stuff…[Read more]

  • I see that anger and threats have no effect at all. Tina just looks at me as if nothing abnormal is going on.

    “Are they really going to change me?”

    The fear of loosing my manhood slams into me. There is no way out. In desperation i cry, beg and plead:

    “Tina please make them stop, please!

    I beg you don’t let them do this. Please ask Monique to…[Read more]

  • Seeing the IV bags on the pole my predicament becomes all to real. Slowly my anger starts to get replaced by fear. I wonder, they can’t really do what they said, can they? NO. They wouldn’t … My need to escape grows with my fear. NO NO NO. I keep trying to get loose but i used up a lot of my strength already.

    Then i see her entering the room. I…[Read more]

  • “This is not funny. You can stop it now.”

    Nobody moves or acknowledges me.

    “I said i don’t like your stupid prank. Let me go now!!!!”

    I unsuccessfully try to remove cuffs from my arms.

    Let me Go NOW or i will kick your ass up your nose %$^@&$%@!!!”

    Furiously i pull at my cuffs. But they don’t budge. 

     &#%@^# @ Let me out or you will be s…[Read more]

  • Surrounded by nurses i double check that my gown is covering everything.  I wish these gowns would be less flimsy. I feel like i am one small tug away from humiliation.

    I turn to doctor Harris:

    “Hello doctor, nice to meet you. I am glad you are here, because i have some questions. Why are all these test necessary? Besides that Tina said…[Read more]

  • “Tina, you didn’t answer my questions….Tina” 

    She left the room and apperently can’t hear me.

    While i am undressing and putting my hospital gown, i am wondering what is going on. This seems all a bit excesive for a routine check up.

    I fold up my clothes and put on the chouch against the back wall. After that a walk to the bed and sit on it.…[Read more]

  • Bewildered follow Tina to the end of the hall way.

    “Monique has requested a treatment for me???  But i am not sick at all?  What is it a treatment for? “

    Then I remember Monique had told my a few times that she could not sleep because of my excessive snoring. She called it sleep apnea and suggested  i go see a doctor if anything could be done ab…[Read more]

  • I am confused by the explanation of the nurse. But before i can ask her what she means, she is gone out the door.

    I turn to Tina but she is already out the door. I get up in a hurry to follow her. Catch up to Tina i ask her “Hey Tina, do you know what the nurse mend with IV treatment?? I thought this was just a routine examination, right? I am…[Read more]

  • Thank you for asking. I was just wondering why you need a runner?  I thought this was a routine examination, isn’t it? 

    I smile politely and glance sideways to see if i did not accedantily  upset Tina with my question. I need to be on my best behavior to get out of this thing.


  • I walk into a well lit lab room. I don’t see a doctor yet. I don’ really like hospitals and clinics. They tend to stick needles in you. But it seems i have no choice. To keep calm, i try engage into some small talk with Tina.

    So Tina have you been at this company long, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Do you like what you do?

  • Tina smiles at me when she is on the phone with the Doctor. I wonder if that is a good sign. Distracted i hear one side of the conversation.  Then i hear Monique’s name and my ears perk up. It hear something about “Decub with asian features”.  Maybe a medical device from a Asian manucafurer?  I don’t understand any of that jargon or how it in…[Read more]

  • I am a bit surprised by the mention of doctors. I wonder why they would want to perform physical tests and blood tests. I come to he conclusion that it is  probably to prevent liability claims or that it is some sort of a legal obligation.  I don’t understand the part of the “schedule of procedures”, but i am definitely not going to ask Tina. I w…[Read more]

  • “I will comply with all the conditions. I promise i will do anything she wants. You just have to say it. “
    I am ready to agree or do almost anything to ensure i get back together with my wife.


  • A weight is lifted from my spirit. Still not able to totally believe it, i cling to the possibility of getting back to Monique.

    desperate to complete this training or what ever it is, i beg “what can i do? I will do anything. please tell me”

    Slowly i start daring  to hope that everything will be alright after all. I look at Tina as she holds my…[Read more]

  • After more condemnation from Tina, she tells me that Monique sent me here even knowing what i did.

    Doubtfully i ask: Is she going to give me a chance to be with her even after she knows what i did with Tammie and the others? Did she tell you what she wants to achieve by sending me here?

    I hope there is a chance for me to repair the damage with…[Read more]

  • I hear the contempt in Tina’s voice, but i don’t care anymore. I feel empty, broken, lost.  Nothing matters.

    I flatly agree with Tina: “Yes, i did try to have sex with you and cheat on my Wife. I wanted to have sex with the receptionist and i flirted with her to. I am a horrible person is that what you want to hear???

    Monique is going to l…[Read more]

  • I feel the ground disappearing from under my feet. It is probably good thing i am already sitting down.  I try to process the meaning of what i just heard, but it is hard to comprehend.

    Confused i stutter:

    No it isn’t true.  Monique didn’t say anything to me. She would have told me. She would have shouted at me, fought with me, or try to get a…[Read more]

  • I am in hell. My eyes grow large, how does she know about that. Fear creeps through my body.

    “How did you find that out. It just happenend that once on vacation.  Did you hear it from Tammie? Or does Monique already know? Please tell me she doesn’t know! Please tell me you didn’ t hear it from her. “

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