Although I knew what was coming, the first strike hits me faster and harder than expected! I gasp. Miss Jamie does not hold back, I can feel the afterglow of her hand on my bum.
    Trying not to wiggle, I thank her as expected:

    “One, Thank you Miss Jamie, may I please have another?”

    I hope no one notices the shiver in my voice!

  • “Yes, Miss Jamie”


    I step forward and assume the position Kathy was in only seconds before:

    Turning around slowly I lower my panties, bend forward and lift the skirt of my dress. Miss Jamie now has a perfect view at my bottom. But she won’t look at me for a long time.

    I’m sure my backside will soon be as red as my face!

    With a…[Read more]

  • Ivonne replied to the topic Group logo of M&R Maids6am Inspection (January) in the forum M&R Maids 1 week ago

    So this was my first inspection. I’m still thinking about what has happened, when suddenly Kathy hugs me!

    “Thank you for all your help”

    At first I’m surprised, but then I return the loving embrace.

    “Anytime again. I enjoyed your help as much as your hugs.”

    *smiling back*

  • When Miss Jamie’s hand hits Kathy’s bottom, I suddenly feel getting excited. She slaps her a second and a third time and then my belt kicks in!

    I am l now very aroused, shivering and I have to force myself to keep my hands at my side.

    Miss Jamie now strokes Kathy’s red bottom and looks in my direction. I blush, my eyes wander between Miss…[Read more]

  • My punishment when I enter the corporation doesn’t count?

    I’m afraid Miss Jamie will teach us what she means by “punishment”.
    And Kathy will be the first one to learn it the hard way.

    I’m sure, sooner or later I get my lesson, too.
    I can’t help but shiver and fidget nervously with my skirt.

    But at the moment, I see Kathy going into position,…[Read more]

  • Ivonne replied to the topic Group logo of M&R Maids6am Inspection (January) in the forum M&R Maids 3 weeks ago

    “I’d hug you but at the moment I’m a little scared of messing up my uniform”

    No problem, we can adjust our uniform afterwards!
    But before I can answer, Miss Jamie orders us to line up again.
    So all I can do now is giving Kathy a big smile.

  • Ivonne replied to the topic Group logo of M&R Maids6am Inspection (January) in the forum M&R Maids 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Kathy accepts my help and we get her dressed again. Except for her shoes, her appearance was perfect before. So we pay special attention to not snagging her fishnets and polishing her heels. Now Miss Jamie should be satisfied!

    It is now Kathy’s turn to offer me help and of course I gladly accept it. As Miss Jamie said, my uniform is not a plain…[Read more]

  • Ivonne replied to the topic Group logo of M&R Maids6am Inspection (January) in the forum M&R Maids 4 weeks ago

    So now we are all down to our undies. Again I have to think about what a visitor will see if he/she enters the room.

    Kathy is next in the line, so I take her petticoat.

    “Please Kathy, let me help you with your uniform!”

  • The training was really pleasant, until now. I’m not very comfortable with the next topic: Discipline.

    At other places this means, do your work, be focused, be professional.

    Here we talk about punishment, mental and physical punishment!

    This reminds me of my first day here.


    “Yes Miss Jamie. I was punished when I arrived at M&R” 

  • Ivonne replied to the topic Group logo of M&R Maids6am Inspection (January) in the forum M&R Maids 1 month ago

    That’s a surprising turn of events! But the most important thing I have learnt here so far is not to question a superior

    So I take off my uniform, my stockings and my shoes. As the other girls, I fold and put them on the floor.

    Seeing my fellow maids standing here like me, I think we make a very sexy image of submissiveness.

    Then, again looking…[Read more]

  • Wow, this is a long list of duties. There are no unexpected ones, especially the sexual duties were an important “topic” of my introduction. But Misty’s summary makes clear, that this job isn’t a picnic!

    I am still thinking about Misty’s lecture, when suddenly deputy head maid Jamie enters the room!

    At first I’m taken by surprise, but then I…[Read more]

  • A week ago being complimented for doing an excellent curtsy in a frilly maids uniform would have been absolutely crazy!
    But here I am and I’m enjoying it!

    The next question surprises me, because I didn’t realize what I really do here.

    “From a short look at the noticeboard I know that our duties are doing the laundry, working in the canteen and…[Read more]

  • I watch Kathy doing her curtsy. From my perspective she is doing a good job, but I am far from being an expert.

    Then it is my turn.

    I lower my head and look at the floor. Taking the edges of my short skirt, I pull it to each side, place my right foot behind the left and bend my knees.

    In this position I feel my corset again. My upper body is…[Read more]

  • When Misty mentions curtsying, I try to remember if I was told some concrete rules. There weren’t any!

    So my rule of thumb is: Always curtsy.

    “As I don’t know the exact rules, I curtsy every time when I interact with a superior. When one talks to me, give me an order, when I have a question or when I enter the room.

    I don’t know if there is a…[Read more]

  • I smile back.

    “Yes Misty, I totally agree with this rule! The corset is both, useful and pleasant to wear.

    Do you enjoy wearing one?”

  • Misty’s voice brings me back to reality!


    “Of course, Misty. I just have to become accustomed to wearing such nice underwear”

    *blushing again*

    I go back to my seat and sit down deliberately, aware of my new corset under my short dress.

  • Misty kindly helps me tightening the laces. Wow, this feels really nice!

    ” How is this feeling dear  not to tight  ?  ”

    “It feels really nice. It doesn’t constrict my breathing, but I can feel how it supports my posture! I love it! Thank you, Misty”

    I answer smiling.

    Before I start to dress again, I admire myself in a mirror. When I realis…[Read more]

  • Phew!

    This worked out better than expected.
    I resist the urge to rearrange my cap and apron. I will do this right when I am in front of a mirror.


    “Thank you for your advice, Miss Jamie. I will do better next time.”

  • ​” But of course you can dear and il be right over to help you later okey (smiling warmly ) ? ”

    Without hesitation I take off my dress and bra. I’m now only wearing my cap, panties, stockings and of course my locked heels.
    I loosen the laces and slip into the corset. This was the easy part.
    Now I try to tighten the laces, but without pract…[Read more]

  • After Tiffys inspection, Miss Jaimie is now approaching me!

    Misty and Tiffy are both experienced maids. However their appearance was not perfect.
    How many faults will Miss Jamie find now?

    I’m really nervous!
    Looking down at my feet I await my inspection.


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