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  • As I am pushing you on the PET, trying not to be distracted by your splayed out legs, you direct me through the retail part of Melandren again, we are intercepted by a girl who pirouettes in front of us before finishing with a plie in front of SoonYee.

    As she bends at the knees, did I just get a waft and scent of her? It certainly didn’t smell l…[Read more]

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    “Thank you mum: If it not too much bother, your carriage awaits.” I cuff the side of your head before sliding my other hand underneath your dress and fiddling with your sensitive clit:


    I inwardly sigh, this is going to be a long process to ever do anything right in your eyes. I still haven’t got used to the fact that you seem to want to sta…[Read more]

  • “Liposuction followed by a high colonic to start is my suggestion ladies. This guy gets ‘A’s for bowing and scraping but he’s got to lose a lot of shit before he can help out here. I know I’m just the cute shop girl but Harriet here needs serious medical help.”


    “Let me schlep her there and get back to you when I know more. Maybe Doc O’Bannon…[Read more]

  • “Did you hear what this guy just said. I’m guessing it’s just menopause setting in but still. Now listen up Sweet Pea: You sure have more experience than me: You probably taught Elvis how to lick pussy back in your day but you sure don’t have any self-control now do you?”




    I know I am in the wrong a…[Read more]

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    I have become suddenly unsure of myself and nervous again as I don’t know what will happen to me.

    SoonYee comes back into the room and is certainly a lot calmer than when I last saw her. She beckons over Louise and starts to play with her again. I guess that SoonYee is back to normal now.

    “I invite you SoonYee for your assessment of our o…[Read more]

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    By the time that Miss Luzette has finished laying out my options I have shrunk back into myself again. I know that she said that I wasn’t in trouble but I feel like I have let her down. To be honest I feel like I have failed.

    It is that that classic response that once you have had a taste of being something to have it taken away because you are…[Read more]

  • Enngee replied to the topic Flustered in the forum Initiation – Start here 1 month ago

    “You are one in a million Harriet and for us that may not be a good sign. ~sigh! Leave SoonYee for Juanita’s girls to attend to and return to the Studio with us while your clothing is fetched from the wall. This experiment, it is over oui.”

    My body slumps and I look down at the floor. I have clearly done something wrong and I am not really sure…[Read more]

  • “Look at me! No better yet, close your mouth and sniff  me deeply. In no time at all you’re gonna feel like you really need to use the toilet but it’ll be worse than that.” ~hee ~hee

    As you come over to me, I can smell and almost taste the scent of sex on you for the first time. The atmosphere of the bathroom and the heat seem to make it even m…[Read more]

  • “Juanita, things they have changed, oui. In that message he was called Jeffrey by his sponsor who at the same time transferred him to us. As a result, our client, he has now become our Special Employee. Let us think on that, yes.”


    I listen to the two of you discussing me. No, Lotte said that I could go back or stay I wanted to shout at you…[Read more]

  • “I can tell you that your Lotte is fully aware of all that is happening and can stop or change it at any time. She also has access to video and audio of your journey including what happens in this studio.”

    My eyes widen at this knowledge and my brain starts racing again through all the possible reasons as to why she would choose this for me.…[Read more]

  • Just before I think I am going to fall down I recognize a new scent of someone entering the room and feel the warmth and arm going around my shoulders.

    In the mirror I see another immaculate woman, beautiful eyes, precision make up and ruby red lips like Miss Luzette.

    Everyone in this place seems to be stunning which makes me stick out like a…[Read more]

  • I come to a halt as you stop us next to SoonYee in the corner. To see her whimpering and naked in the corner, having lorded it over Louise and I, a few minutes ago starts tugging on my compassion. What power you must wield in this place, if you have that effect on someone.

    As you run your crop over SoonYee’s flesh I can’t help but be drawn to…[Read more]

  • Just when I was feeling completely out of sorts being towelled by four girls, the atmosphere completely changes in an instant and everything stops.


    In walks a lady that is as tall as I am and gives of an absolute air of authority. It is the first time I have seen SoonYee shrink as she freezes as the lady places a riding crop under her…[Read more]

  • My relaxation is short lived when I see SoonYee come back into the room with four other girls.

    Immediately I see one of them start to fondle Louise again…and I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

    SoonYee prowls over to me and all of my confidence seems to drain at the same time. She certainly seems to have a slightly cruel side to her, but then…[Read more]

  • I watch as you enter the magnifying glassed shower. I wonder if you heard the door lock behind you. ~click I take a seat nearby, pick up the shower’s remote control and smile as I see you looking in vain for the water valves, your dick waving to the left and right.


    I was now desperate for the itching and burning sensations to stop, so q…[Read more]

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