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    It’s been 4 years since I’ve been attached with Waynn. Like most couples, we loved every single moment together in the first couple of months. We did whatever we could to hang out, and whenever we had the chance, we would make out.…[Read more]

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  • “Erica don’t play with that you know its not there for your pleasure that’s why itscaged. If you want to be pleasured rub your breast.” 

    My hand goes towards my breast, and upon contact with my nipples, a jolt of pleasure shoots through my body. I shivered in pleasure as I started playing with my newfound pleasure spot, while doing my best to…[Read more]

  • “Well if you want cream you need to get on your knees in front of me.”

    I kneel down obediently, noticing a growing bulge in your skirt. As you pull down your panties, the bulge reveals itself to be a cock, growing harder and harder. I can smell your scent, what would have caused me to be disgusted in the past now caused me to feel wet between my…[Read more]

  • “Well if you want help  you need to turn around and bend over for me.”

    Immediately, I turn around and with my back facing you, I bend over and lift the skirt up for easy access. I feel your hands work around the plug in me, before you pull it out and replace it with the cat tail. It felt bigger than the plug you just inserted, and the feel…[Read more]

  • I grab the outfit that you retrieved, my heart beating loudly in my ears. Using eyeliner, you draw some whiskers on my face.

    “so Erica go ahead and start getting dressed then you can serve me and ill give you some fresh cream from the source.”

    “Yess Miss Trixie!” I replied with excitement. First, I rolled up the white thigh high stockings up my…[Read more]

  • “Erica dear you are beautiful just wait until we get you dressed and I bet you will have to fight cocks off with a pole

    I giggle along with you as you said that. Taking your hand, you lead me towards the closet where all sorts of clothes and costume could be found.

    Hearing your suggestion of a sexy cat maid, my heart flutters and skips a bea…[Read more]

  • “Erica for this you need to pay attention because this is the only time I will apply your make up and if you do a bad job I will have to punish you.”

    “Yes Miss Trixie,” I respond while watching your every move as intently as I can. As you apply the makeup, you voice out your thoughts and your actions and I do my best to commit them to memory. Fou…[Read more]

  • “well what do you think next is make up and we can get you dressed”

    “Make up then dress” I smile looking at my reflection.

  • Removing the shower cap, I look at the reflection of me in the mirror. Watching my now long hair flow down my head, I realized how much it has grown to have reached my shoulders.

    You reach over and grab the tweezers. “Erica this may hurt a little but I need to take care of the bushy eyebrows and make them nice and feminine.” 

    After a few long…[Read more]

  • “Well I will let you skip the punishment room but we will go through it because it is the quickest way to the beautification room.  But we will need to do a couple of things first, one I need you to crawl behind me while I have you leash, we also need to make sure your hole is filled.”

    A sense of relief washes over me when you said that, acco…[Read more]

  • Just when I thought everything was over and the doors open, they closed once more before I hear Miss Trixie’s voice, “Erica my dear I want to try something before I let you out of there so just wait a little bit longer and this will be over.”

    Suddenly, the nozzle that was behind me fired up again, spraying it’s high pressure liquid directly at…[Read more]

  • “Yes Miss Trixie, whatever you wish.”

    I feel the cage turn on, and suddenly a wave of pleasure flows through my body. Slowly building up, cascading and rippling through my body.

    Slowly but surely, my clit starts to leak, causing my inner thighs to feel damp as the fluid leaks down it. It slowly builds, but never enough to cross the edge. I start…[Read more]

  • Feeling you walk around my naked body, eyeing me like a piece of meat, I couldn’t help but shudder in pleasure? under your gaze. I see you hand touch my penis, feel it caress it shortly, causing me to feel hot and bothered, yet, I wasn’t getting hard despite my arousal. Unable to get a reaction from my penis, you walk behind me, you hands feeling…[Read more]

  • “Serve oh you really want to serve, don’t you.  I might just have them take some of my pay and you can be my personal slave would you like that.”

    I feel your fingers lift my chin, and for a split second, our eyes met. Almost immediately, my eye shifts away.

    “I think you need a Name not a number wouldn’t you agree,  So since you will be growing…[Read more]

  • “So you are currently in a place called the Hive which is and secret underground research facility, were we develop new virus, and I regret to inform you that one has been released from the facility affecting the city above. Where you have been infected by it. Now there is no need to panic the virus is not deadly but it will cause some physical a…[Read more]

  • One moment I was marveling at the various costumes in the store, the next moment I felt a sharp pain in my neck. Next thing I knew, I blacked out.

    Opening my eyes, my vision still blurry, I try to make out my surroundings. I found myself inside some sort of room. My mouth felt weird too. It seemed locked and slowly, it hit me. I realized I had…[Read more]

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