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  • ‘Ill clean! I’ll clean!’ I scream into my gag, answering her, but it’s not use. I don’t want to be spanked anymore, it’s too painful. Anything is better than this, I’ll clean all day if I have to.

    Then the spanking stops, I hear her move but I don’t know where, she picks up something and circles round to my view. She is holding a buttplug.

    I’ve…[Read more]

  • I can’t believe what I’m seeing, things have truly taken a turn.

    Before I could recover from the absinthe on my cock water comes rushing our way from Sir. Luckily not too much is spilled on my, my maids outfit isn’t too wet, but damn is it cold.

    Sir is in a particularly forceful mood. Stringing Yuhana up in chains and dipping her clothes, this…[Read more]

  • Oh my God. I can’t believe it. A girl is going to suck my cock. A smile forms on my lips as I put my hands in Yuhanas hair as she takes my dick in her lips.

    I can feel her tongue on my cock and get ready for the pleasure, but my penis doesn’t stir.

    Yuhana is trying bless her but my cock is not becoming fully erect. I look around, surprised and…[Read more]

  • It’s so embarrassing as sir ties a ribbon around my penis, presenting it to the world as this small little thing.

    I hate that I’m hard aswell. I now can’t hide it. Sir has touched my dick and it’s gotten hard, proving, he says that I’m into men. But I’m not! It’s just because it’s been so long since sexual release. That’s the reason, I think to…[Read more]

  • Sir begins playing with my dick, which makes me nervous. I’m embarrassed to say that just him touching it has made me aroused, the lack of contact from it being locked up for so long will do that.

    I gulp, ‘Um, well, what you’re doing now apparently sir. Among other things. I haven’t had a release since I was first locked up sir.’

  • Charlotte asks if Sir plans to keep her as a girl. I almost chuckle to myself. Of course he is. Does he not see me? It’s not like I’ve been granted my wish of being turned back into a man since I’ve gotten here have I?

    She’s naive but she’ll learn.

    Damn! I forgot about skull or dare. So much has happened it seems like so long ago. I don’t even…[Read more]

  • It looks like my efforts to transform Charlotte still mean that I’ll be getting fucked later. I should’ve known it couldn’t have been that easy.

    Still, Charlotte looks stunning. There’s not trace of man left on the outside, just like myself.

    Sir takes her by the hand and leads her towards the bar. I follow behind and then head around the bar to…[Read more]

  • chad is starting to look quite good as sir works with me to complete her. He instructs me to give her slutty make up so I really lay it on thick, as sir said, she needs to look fuckable. The better she looks, the more likely sir will take his sexual frustrations out on her and not me.

    ‘Chad doesn’t seem like a fitting name now sir. Don’t you…[Read more]

  • As sir and his wife are talking, I continue preparing his new girl.

    Now that he is hairless, I take the glue and apply it to his scalp, followed by the wig Sir has provided, this should give him a feminine hairdo for quite a while, I think to myself.

    Sirs wife seems quite reluctant to femininise him. I notice this and try to hurry up the more…[Read more]

  • Finally, I think to myself, something I can enjoy. I hated my transformation into a girl, but the chance to inflict the same torment on a man who thought of himself as some ‘Alpha male’ type? Well I couldn’t turn that down.

    ‘Yes Sir! We’ll have her ready and pretty in no time!’

    And a plus, maybe if I make this guy look enough of a bitch, then he…[Read more]

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    His official girlfriend? I ran those words through my mind, trying to figure out if this was good or bad. I suppose as his girlfriend I wouldn’t have to fuck or suck any other guys apart from him, unless he asked me to of course, which is a good bonus. And being his girlfriend would provide quite a bit of security while I figure out how to be a…[Read more]

  • I am handed a glass of champagne and, while still knelt on the ground, I raise my glass to toast. I am surprised I was even given a glass, considering my status.

    ‘To a new start and new rules.’

  • Clearly my kiss on his cock was not suitable. Neither were my words. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t know what to do.

    ‘I don’t understand what you want sir, I’m trying my best here.’

    I plead into his eyes, he’s starting to scare me.

  • As degrading as it was I immediately unzipped his fly and gave his cock a long kiss. I didn’t want to get in his bad books.

    I look up at him afterwards.

    ‘does that answer your question?’

  • Jane replied to the topic Group logo of Sir’s Hotel - where dreams come trueTending to Sir's Needs in the forum Sir's Hotel 1 week, 2 days ago

    I open the door and welcome sir back. He seems slightly out of breath. I Curtsey as he steps back into the room.

    ‘Welcome back sir. I hope you’re okay. Is there anything I can do for you?’

  • I have no idea what sir is talking about. No one has asked me to be anybody’s girlfriend. I don’t remember who Tiffy is. This is confusing to me.

    I kneel before sir to plead my case.

    ‘Sir please, I’m telling the truth. I’m not a liar. I don’t understand where you’ve gotten the idea that I have a girlfriend. I don’t. I serve you and whoever you…[Read more]

  • The taste of sirs used whiskey lingers in my mouth. I enjoyed whiskey as a man but it feels disgusting that it was in his mouth first.

    ‘No sir, I don’t have any girlfriends. Im just here to serve.’

    Sir stands up as I answer him, I can’t tell if he’s paying attention or not. His eyes are fixed on Chad.

    Then he runs at him, delivering a kick. You…[Read more]

  • I get goosebumps as sir massages my thigh.

    His declaration that I would make a good whore worries me. Is he going to have me service men other than himself?

    He asks about the saloon party.

    ‘I’m sorry sir, it was just nerves is all. There was so much going on. I’m okay now though, I’m ready to do my job and do it well.’

    I’m hoping this pleases sir.

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