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  • Mmm.  Love it.  I must learn to do hypnosis!!

    Do you mind if I add a cap of mine too?  Well, one of only two!  Like you, I find it hard to find the privacy to make more.  I must try harder to find the time on my own with P-Shop.

    How about we challenge each other to do a new one each week? Or is that a bit rash?


    Thanks again for your enco…[Read more]

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  • Tarantyl, a golden dragon born enchanter rules the Gargax Bordello. She presides over a strict hierarchy; most senior are the royal-born concubines who serve nobility; the elf princes and princesses, dwarf-lords and so on. These are the ‘out-of-reach’, beyond the dreams of any but the highest.

    Below them come layers of concubines, escorts,…[Read more]

  • It is as if my high elven heritage is just a figment of imagination. A strange memory of some past dream. I am now the lowest vassal of an ‘untouchable’; one of the lowest of the low. My heart rejoices at the sense of honor that I feel; to be allowed to choke on the smooth-shaved ovaries of Angel Cumdumpster.

    A rasping sound fills my ears. Like…[Read more]

  • I spin so much I can’t tell front from back. I desparately grasp for support as I slow down and feel a forward pull on my bound arms. My bottom, straddling awkwardly, is so exposed. Dispite my discomfort, or maybe because of it, I cannot tell, I feel aroused again.

    I hear you, my mistress, taunt me. I do not feel as if I am a client anymore. I…[Read more]

  • Ignoring the sound of swordplay from the clearing outside the woodman’s cottage, I flex my hips towards the bard, sweet Davy, you call yourself, in order to force my elf cock from its fleshy pouch.

    Your reluctant fingers are drawn to touch it gently.  I put my hand on yours, my part-elf friend, to guide them in their work in raising my…[Read more]

  • It was a mistake to try and taunt you with my indifference to losing my ovaries. Your claw forces my head back and my ovaries feel as if they are about to split. Dreadful images swamp my mind. I am suddenly naked and helpless before you. I

    I surrender the last drop of my resistance.

    “Forgive your feeble slave, oh great mistress Ihaustyl. I…[Read more]

  • As vivid, imagined and utterly shameful urges burst into my mind, I feel the crushing pressure ease from my bruised and distorted Elloneth-sissy-ovaries.

    A part of me regrets that you, my Mistress Ihaustyr, chose not to castrate me. A rare elven eunoch might have special abilities unimagined by even you, oh my high and mighty one. “Did not…[Read more]

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  • Like the ranger, you too have elvish ancestry.  I detect your untrained mental powers.

    I release my tender grip upon your face but hold your eyes in my compelling gaze.

    I unfasten your belt and let the weight of your sword pull it to your feet. Slowly, I unbutton your tunic. Slipping my hands inside, onto your shoulders, I slide them down your…[Read more]

  • The bard reads the thoughts I send her so she bids adeiu to the other three who rest their mounts.  On we ride, the bard singing sweetly of dark creatures that are said to guard a holy relic.  I think she knows more than she is saying.  I will see what I can discover when we are safe from evesdroppers.

    She skips lightly into the cottage while I…[Read more]

  • Just as I thought.  The bard has opened her mind to me and offers lustful ideas to try to tempt me.  I will cooperate to see what else she will reveal to me.  I resolve to join her when she finishes her chant.  I will suggest we ride on ahead to scout the trail, as if I do not know it well!

    There is an abandonned woodman’s cottage less than a mil…[Read more]

  • OOC:  I though that a summary of characteristics of the company might, along with the bard’s summary of the quest, move us onto some action .. .. OOC:/

    As the bard begins to offer an answer of sorts, by singing of a holy relic, I take the chance to see what forces underlie these travellers’ pecadillos.

    These companions are all human so, like…[Read more]

  • I am so desperately confused. I am torn to shreds by urges that I do not understand. So I must cling to the one certainty. I must obey you, no matter what.

    “Yes, I will be your disciple”, I say to myself as you stand in front of me and display your beautiful girlie cock for me. “A t-gurl’s cocklette! I wonder what .. ” but I remember not to…[Read more]

  • So I must continue as the young elves pour in around me.

    “Emboldened by the jeers of older elves, one by one the young elves touch me and arouse me for their fun. Until eventually one more engorged than the rest came forward and thrust himself inside. A great cheer arose and his groans became a scream as he unloaded his essence into me.

    Then one…[Read more]

  • Your words excite me.  A fearful part of me stands on the brink of a new experience; a new subsevience to you my lovely Ihaustyr.  I could so easily jump into the thrill of the unknown.  All I have to do is keep silence and you will claim my precious gift.

    So, it comes to this. A truer feminization than I have known, on the one hand, or co…[Read more]

  • “Good day, holy one.  What brings you and your companions to see the marchlands yonder?”  I address my question to the monk but, by gesture welcome a response from anyone.

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