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  • I’m sure my father is taking good care of his new wife; I bet she’s not so high-and-mighty when she gets back to the stable. So, she planned to take my inheritance and sell me, did she? Shasta is so good at hacking into databases, she has deleted everything about Steve, birth certificate, licences, social security numbers, employment history,…[Read more]

  • So, for working in the office as Mistress Celeste’s Girl Friday, Diane, you will be expected to look like this:

    but, for your main employment, you will be dressed so:

    Work well and you can expect this:

    I give her five seconds of pleasure jolt on her Sissylink belt.

    However, displease either us or your clients, and you will get this:

    I give…[Read more]

  • The depths of our humiliation seem to have no bottom as Master Aoki both fucks me and spanks my butt, forcing me to moan. Everybody thinks I am moaning with pleasure, but that’s not so. I am moaning with misery at having to endure this. Hatsue and I came here to be housemaids, doing housework, not to be used as fuck-toys. He orders me to swing my…[Read more]

  • NPC Robert

    So, the slut think she’s going to take me for a ride, eh? Well, so she shall.

    Jill, hitch your step-mother to the gig, will you? Me and her, we’re going to go for a five-mile ride into the country, find us a nice secluded spot and then we’re gonna consummate the marriage. So, you, Shasta and Chloe stay here and keep an eye on things…[Read more]

  • I fit her with the Sissylink belt and treat it, firstly with five seconds of pain, then with five seconds of pleasure, and check her reactions. Sure enough, she screams with the pain and moans with the pleasure, with juice running down her leg.

    Now, be a good girl and do as you’re told and you’ll get lost of the pleasure jolt. Displease Celeste…[Read more]

  • Obeying Master Aoki, I lick clean the dildo that Hatsue has used on me. The Masters and Mistresses are laughing as we perform this next humiliating task.

    I thought that being a maid would mean that I would use such things as a mop and bucket or dustpan and brush to clean the floor. So, Mistress Aoki has demanded that I lick the floor clean where…[Read more]

  • Wow! Shasta’s revelation about Steve has hit me like a bolt from the blue. Steve, my boyfriend intended to do that to me? To sell me like a piece of furniture? Well, two can play at that game.

    Shasta, would you come with me to see my father? I don’t know how he’ll take the news, he’s very much in love with Sarah, but I don’t think he’ll want to…[Read more]

  • So, they all think I am useless, including Hatsue. Maybe I can escape this nightmare after all. But then, I feel the strap-on and the butt plug both vibrating and I am so ashamed that I am turned on. I have to react and so I go faster and harder at Hatsue, bumping her lovely butt as the vibration drives me on. Our Masters and Mistresses are…[Read more]

  • Let’s not get the cart before the horse here. There are other things we have to deal with first. Like that thing!

    I point to her crotch.

    Yes, the little weenie. My, hasn’t it shrunk. Look, Celeste, the little guy is still standing to attention. O-kay. Dealing with that next. The M&R is proud of its invention, the Sissylink belt. You can’t sit…[Read more]

  • Very good. The hormones are kicking in.

    Now, Diana, I want you to sit in this chair 

    and fill in these forms. Here is a pen for you to use.

    When you’ve finished the forms, I want you to sign this document. You needn’t bother reading it – it’s just our standard contract of employment.


  • I am surprised when Hatsue grabs my left tit and milk spurts out. Surely, sissies are not equipped to give milk. But, what is produced is wasted as it squirts over Hatsue’s face. Now, I feel a buzz of pain from my Sissylink Belt at the same time as I hear Hatsue beg me to fuck her, just as I had just been fucked. I am sobbing with shame, too, as I…[Read more]

  • Eventually, Hatsue pulls away from me as Master Aiko orders her to stop.

    Mrs Saito and Mr Takashita, please let me explain. These two maids are sissies and slaves. They are not allowed any release unless Mrs Aiko and I allow it. And we rarely allow it – they have to make exceptional performance. Serious punishment results in them humming w…[Read more]

  • That’s better. Now, before we get to what you will mwear as Mistress Celeste’s Girl Friday, plus your other duties as property of the Corporation, Diana, you have to be transformed. Now, we start with the raw material, raw as in naked, like you are now. Now, drink this, then kneel in the corner and await till given your next order.

    “This” is a…[Read more]

  • I stand and watch as I see my ex-boyfriend crawling along the stable floor, trying to escape. How ungrateful she is. Here is my father, marrying below his station, lavishing all his love and devotion on my step-mother, offering to take her for a ride and this is how she intends to repay him, by trying to escape. I leave the stable and bolt the…[Read more]

  • Oh my! Still no thanks, and we haven’t even started on her transformation yet.

    You will be tired of being punished before I tire of punishing you. Now, say thank you, then beg me for a drink, you wretched girl.

  • The four of them are laughing hard at our humiliation. Hatsue is now wearing the strap-on as she says how she loves Mr Takashita’s son, and out of the corner of my eye, I see Mr Takashita calling somebody on his phone. I am ordered to my knees and to crawl to Hatsue and beg her to fuck me.

    P-please, sister Hatsue, I beg you to fuck me and fuck me…[Read more]

  • Nothing’s fair here, Olivia, you should know that after all the time you have been here. Oh, and look out, another pile of ironing is on its way here from the drying room. It’s as well you took a break when you did. Mistress Jaimie will not be happy with that.

    I look across at Senior Maid Florence. Fair enough, she is working hard, but as I…[Read more]

  • Ungrateful wretch!

    You think your name used to be Steve, you did not address me properly and you did not thank me for correcting you. Try this then.

    I change the cricket bat for my switch and lay into her a dozen times. Unless she is a pain slut, she will regret giving me cheek.

  • I know that Celeste, Tara and Susan have the measure of this latest acquisition, but the almighty din she was creating would lead me to think she wasn’t co-operating.

    I am Brenda Hardman, Mistress Brenda to you. Now, we did not write to you to offer a place here, you came here freely and willingly to be transformed. Your handcuffs will remain…[Read more]

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