Happy New Year

Happy New Years, everyone! Especially to all the little Sissies who are frolicking around for the holidays.

As always, it is time for everyone to announce their Sissy resolutions for the year. I'm afraid this is mandatory my dears!

Please submit the following resolutions for the New Year:

Resolution 1: This should be a new beauty regiment that will make you look and feel more feminine this year. This can be as simple as shaving extra close, to plucking eyebrows, to making sure your nails are done. Make this something doable and that you can maintain!

Resolution 2: A fantasy that is slightly outside of your comfort zone. What will you do to pursue this fantasy (either in a fictional way or in real life)?

Resolution 3: Name someone in your life, either in Real Life or in this online fantasy world, and pledge to make them know and feel how important they are to you. It is a Sissy's job to worship, after all... who are you worshipping this year? Note: A codename or pseudonym is acceptable for the sake of anonymity.