A little story to test the interactive tokens...

A Turn of the Page

An illustrated 'graphic' novel about a Bettie Page lookalike. Told in the style of the old EZ Horror Comics, this story depicts the main character in some not pleasant situations. Readers that don't like interaction with males, implied rape and the use of force in their feminization should avoid this one. Still with us? Then enjoy!

Stories by Lissa and Ren *more coming soon*

These are the original illustrated stories by the founders of this site. Read if you dare.
  • Drinking Games
    • The story that started it all. Available here as a PDF for your downloading pleasure. Please do not distribute without asking.
  • Video Games
    • The full novel length sequel. Available for free (donate if you like it).

Interactive Stories

This story allows you to choose your own path and allows you to customize the main character to resemble yourself. True interactive forced feminization. Why have you not read this yet?