Happy New Year

Happy New Years, everyone! Especially to all the little Sissies who are frolicking around for the holidays.

As always, it is time for everyone to announce their Sissy resolutions for the year. I'm afraid this is mandatory my dears!

Please submit the following resolutions for the New Year:

Resolution 1: This should be a new beauty regiment that will make you look and feel more feminine this year. This can be as simple as shaving extra close, to plucking eyebrows, to making sure your nails are done. Make this something doable and that you can maintain!

Resolution 2: A fantasy that is slightly outside of your comfort zone. What will you do to pursue this fantasy (either in a fictional way or in real life)?

Resolution 3: Name someone in your life, either in Real Life or in this online fantasy world, and pledge to make them know and feel how important they are to you. It is a Sissy's job to worship, after all... who are you worshipping this year? Note: A codename or pseudonym is acceptable for the sake of anonymity.

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Felicia Wood's picture

Loved this!!!

Happy New Year, Mistress Melissa... hope your first kiss in 2018 is sweeter than you imagined!

"My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... play... with BOYS!!!"

Xanthe Altheia's picture

As I am not out to anyone my resolutions may appear quite tame but here goes.
1. I will shave as closely as I can each day to make my face less manly.
2.I will chat to men on line and submit to their desires in role play.
3.I pledge to let my dear friend Regina know just how much she means to me.


I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.

Lisana's picture

Happy New Year too!

Hm...let me think about it....
1. I will do my best to get my nails done ( paint them on my own... at least once a month...)
2. Try to walk in heels outisde..even if not clothed en femme.... to train walking a little bit ;)
3. Try to make contact with another CD/Sissy to make each other happy :)

4. save for the cage called "The Vice" unescape'able Sissy virging belt/cage...
+Beg for donating for poor Sissy Lisana..

Vice plus or classic..i need to check which will suit best.

Lisana Sissy Dreamer
My Tumblr
Begging for support poor Sissy Lisana
Be the Patron, please?

Jacqueline's picture

Happy New Year everyone.

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

Mandi's picture

Happy new year from down under! May your 2018 see you become the best gurl you can be - and bring much better health (both physical and spiritual) for our goddess Melissa.
1. I will finally get round to having that bridal makeover I’ve been promising myself for ages.

2. For all my crossdressing, I’ve never actually gone out dressed. This will be the year ...

3. I will continue to love and treasure my girlfriend Emily Dawn.

xxx Mandi

Alison Anderson's picture

A bridal makeover is the best! Make sure you get lots of evidence photos. You will cherish the experience for a long long time.


Mandi's picture

Thanks Alison, I certainly plan to!!! I may or may not have a bridal obsession right now ... (blush)

Mandi's picture

4. I will try to remember not to include emojis in my posts, causing them to lose all their content and turn up blanks (sigh)

anna lynn's picture

Happy New Year Melissa and everyone else.
1. Get my bikini figure back with regular exercise. I let myself go in 2017. Also improve varnishing my nails and applying make-up. (Like every year)
2. Eat out made up. I have done this once before in 2015. I can´t begin to describe the feeling. Possible also show I´m a sissy by eating out in male mode, but with varnished nails.
3. Naturally my wife, who deserves much more from me.

Guillable and willing to serve

Cori's picture

1 - I plan to grow my hair out this year, I always begin growing it then when it gets to shaggy I cut it, but not this time.. proper brushing and washing as well! If that's not enough, I also have a gym membership burning a hole in my pocket/purse, going to get some use out of it in 2018 :)

2 - I'd like to have a full makeover this year, weather just a girlfriend having fun, or professionally done. Maybe buy a female mask as well!

3 - I will try to show anyone in my life how important they are to me... But as someone who puts them self down a lot, I'd like to show myself how important I am... selfish maybe, but I think it's necessary for me to become a great sissy :P

I wish my sissy sisters and all the dominants at LIL a great, happy, and safe 2018! :D

Alison Anderson's picture

1. Keep up with my body waxing regime. Maybe see about some collagen treatment for my eyes.

2. I am planning something that I expect to fulfill in a couple of months, but I don't want to disclose it until it has already occurred. In the meantime, I have ordered another maid's uniform for myself. This one is not only lockable, it's lockable, lockable, lockable, lockable, and lockable. At the neck, the waist, each wrist, and around the knees. I have also ordered a lot of locks, each one keyed differently. That will make getting out even harder.

3. As a matter of fact, I did thank someone and tell them how they had changed my life just a few weeks ago. But don't expect worship of anybody from me; that's against everything I believe in.


Kathy lynn's picture


Hi Everyone... Melissa How did you know what I have been feeling and going through... In my RL I have no one no support ...I believe I am evolving, I want to be more Fimmie, I've been feeling it , And with Amanda I desire even more to be fimmie,and not just a people pleaser, Please understand that I will never leave the school, I do want Mistress Monique , Laura, Anna, Lydia and the love of my life Amanda know how much I love and care for them, and you and here at lacy...

1-Find more of who I am so I give back to you everyone at LIL... find that balance of Mistress kathy and Kathy....

2-My fantasy is out of my comfort zone it's a place I never been before, and it involves a lot of trust.....

3-I'm going to let everyone around me know every day n how wonderful they are..

Mistress Kathy Lynn is her to give you your deepest desire

"I am branded and tattooed ... 'M'M.....for Monique her Mistress her owner her Goddess"

Heather Bricker's picture

I promise in this new year to:

1. Keep my toenails painted.

2. Meet a man, go out on a date with him, and thank him for the evening, orally!

3. Continue to serve my Mistress, Diane.

Star's picture

1. I will remove body hair in private places to keep my body more attractive.
2. Spend time outside feeling like I am inside myself.
3. Let my Libot know how much I admire her.

Brendalee's picture

I will learn to get better at Penny's laundry, making creases straighter and crisp. Also shine her shoes w/o being asked to.
Resume subscriptions to womans magazines and learn more helpful household tips to bring the best out of my home.
Get my garden back in shape so I can have fresh flowers for Penny every Friday.
Last but not least, be the best plaything for the gurls in L.I.L. chat.

My loss is my good fortune.

Sissy Sadie's picture

1. I will shave every day and clip and file my toe nails and fingernails every week.
2. I will buy a wedding dress and act out giving up my virginity to my Mistress Wife.
3. I will worship Mistress Wife every single day by performing an act of service for her. Examples include massages, doing extra chores, or leaving her sweet notes around the house.

les's picture

Resolutions 1 One Who was my MIstress required that I use a plain face-cream, daily, to keep my skin soft and blemish free. When She left, I gradually dropped the habit.

I will start doing it again.

Resolution 2 It will be slightly outside my comfort zone to wear panties under my (yawn) boring everyday clothes. When possible, all day.

Resolution 3 On 'Another Planet' (i.e. Palace Chat) - SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) has signalled Her intention to make me Hers. She knows Who She is. I will strive to be a good submissive for Her.

Erica Jo's picture

In addition to losing about 15 pounds, I am seriously considering getting my ears pierced. I used to have the left one pierced back in the 90s, but stopped wearing it as my career progressed and the hole has grown over.


canditoy's picture

1. I will shave my whole body all year long. I will pluck my eyebrows and put a night cream on my face every night and a day cream on during the day. I will make sure my nails are pretty and shapely daily.

2. I love to worship pussy but i am going to work on loving COCK just as much. I will look at COCK on the internet and think of it going in my mouth and sucking and licking and eating all the CUM that is feed to me. I will dream of COCK going up my pussy-ass as well!!

3. I will worship Mistress in any way she wants me. I will worship her friends too as she sees fit. i am a submissive girl and will do as i am told. No matter what she tells me to do.

Mistress Grey's estate slut slave

muffydestinyspetobject's picture

Resolution one

To kill my iq drain it fully

And become a dumb tarted who're second resolution to loosen up and have a adventure and fun

To be the best muffy I can become..

To make more time for my lovingly goddess Sasha who brought me back to locked in lace .com

muffy is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny I have gazonkas and garsonks giggle pop pop girglies

S.Hawk's picture

1. Beauty makeover- UHM... talk about a project... using face creams and massage to best feminize my facial features. Continue shaping eyebrows.
2. Push my limits - wearing feminine undergarments all the time. Create a sissy maid outfit for about the house.
3. Submit my secrets to the one I trust... I hope... maybe... Might need to start in a fictional setting... oh, like LIL. lol

Most of all I hope that the spirit of LIL, the family that is here will grow and prosper through this New Year while the world in general grows a greater spirit of acceptance.


miss lisa's picture

Dearest Melissa,
I hope your New Year will be the best ever.
Resolutions are, I will grow my nails out as far as I can and will paint them as often as I can. Keeping my toes painted always. I will moisturize my skin and loose
weight and work on my waistline.

I will learn how to be a better girl at Locked in Lace and will Dream of having a real girl friend experience someday with real men, pleasuring their

I will be more attentive to Monique, the local librarian who is always cheerful and kind.

I don't get to Locked in Lace often enough. Thank you for having me.
Sincerely, Lisa

miss lisa

Jennykiss's picture

1: I want to grow my hair and make a great haircut
2: want to be more curious on cock and try to taste cock
3:My Friend sss

love kiss something

andie Tiffany's picture

Dear Mellisa

My resolution is as follows

One ill not compare myself to anyone else because I'm special

Two ill not be hard on myself

Three ill cherish my Goddess Sasha and show her how much I love her not taking her for granted because she means so much for me and for her facility ill suck lots of black cocks ..

Lastly ill learn to enjoy every precious moment with her AMD ill thread more and be more fun AMD sweet as my character

Lastly ill see locked in lace as more real than ever

Lastly ill try my best to not be tempted to go to general chats to much


Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

Bonnie Lea's picture

I am a little late with my resolutions but here goes

I have started a regiment of making sure that my nails are very clean and that the cuticles are properly done. I have continued to keep my eyebrows as neat as possible, and I have my hairdresser to thank for that.

I will continue to have fantasy conversations with men and let them know that I am willing to role play when they are able

I will keep in contact with Shelley Roses so we can encourage each other.