Merry Christmas (and a small update)

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. A quick update: for Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a desk that raises so that it can be worked at from standing. While I am still on the mend, and getting better by the day, my back prohibited sitting for and length of time. This also put a severe damper on both ability and also motivation for being at LIL and working on this lovely place.

I am optimistic that this new setup will be both a boon and a blessing.

I am told by my sadist... I mean physical therapist.... that it just takes time and I'll be back to my old self soon. I asked her if I could be twenty pounds lighter instead. Ironically, that has happened... :D

I am truly sorry for my absence. I have missed being here, even more so than my normal work-related absences. I have been diving back into the M&R environment and I want to put a little more work into it and then open it for preliminary testing at the start of the new year. The Goddess abhors a plan, but you know me... I have to have one anyway.

I will ask that if any of you that are still around and hanging around here on a daily basis feel the Christmas spirit, please think about contributing to bandwidth this month. I missed a month of server costs and with my lack of activity and natural evolution of the site, the donations have dwindled. We are about $500 short and that's rough on top of medical bills. I will figure it out, but contributions are always welcome.

If you are one of Ren's fans, she has asked for donations towards a shutter stock subscriptions. She is four or five images away from having the maidenhead book completely roughed out, and she has sworn to me that it will be done soon as well.

I love all of you out there. I have been amazed at how such an unexpected and unwelcome catastrophe can really make one appreciate how precious everything is. I adore this community... and I hope all of you are warm, safe and happy on this eve of merriment.

Happy Holidays

-Lissa (and Ren)

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Bethany's picture

Merry Christmas to you both!

Thanks for your hard work both creating and maintaining a special haven on the web for all of us.

I will take to heart your appeal for some funding.....see what I can do to pitch in.

Wishing you the very best Holiday season and a very healthy and Happy New Year.

xoxo Bethany

Alison Anderson's picture

My coworkers at a different location have a standing desk, and they seem to like it. At my office they even have two desks attached to treadmills that go no faster than 2 MPH! So they make all sorts of stuff that can be useful.

I should be able to make another contribution in a couple of days.

In the mean time, rest up as much as you need. May you have a complete healing of both body and spirit.

Merry Christmas.


Annabella's picture

Us gurls love you to Miss meliIsa

Merry Christmas


Happy sissy holiday,s

Annabella is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny. giggle pop pop pop bubbles bubbles

Misty's picture

Always so lovely when you and Ren have the time to come by fore a little visit & like above a MERRY christmas to you both

Reg the sadi er i mean physical therapist and al that as stated it takes time hon (when i crushed my left elbow to dust it took nearly 6 month ( 5 hours under the knife AND then another round to get rid of the suport needed to get it to heel again after been sculputerd together + to get it sort of back again (lost 10 % in medical inmobility ) So it can be done Lissa BUT it takes ALOT of time and hard work BUT i know you can and will get there soon enough

GREAT news about the corp cant wait to get in there (wink )

IMAGE( D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

Goddess Sasha's picture

Melissa and Renee

I wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I'll work on sending you a contribution within the next few days. You two and LiL have been great to me and many others who call this place home. It would bite if it had to go away due to a lack of funding.

I am happy to hear you're feeling better (and lost twenty pounds). We're all rooting for the both of you to get even better and we look forward to the new playground. I had hired some cheerleaders to come root, but ummm – it would ahh – seem they're – umm – not – here? I put my right hand on my forehead and I shake my head. This is sooooo awkward. Would you settle for a kazoo solo? Does anyone have a kazoo? Anyone at all? No? I sigh and look up. Why me?

Humour makes for great medicine.

Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny

Goddess Sasha is the proud owner of Andrea Tiffany, Annabella, Annabelle, muffy, pink bimbo, pinkgoobimbomelanie, Ramona, and part owner of fluffy mittens kitten.

dz's picture

The merriest of Christmas Spirit and good tidings in the New Year for all!.


Satin Summer's picture

Merry Christmas and I love you: I sent along a little donation because
this site has brought many hours of entertainment, amusement and
erotic fun. It also is an outlet for literary expression which I have used on occasion.
May the new year bring you comfort and illumination into what is to come!!!!!!!!!

I curtsy and bow to all those
who look upon my stories !

Hushhush's picture

Hey Lissa (and Ren),

I really do appreciate the work and sweat you put in here. You are an inspiration. I certainly feel the pain you are going through, I will surely check out and donate some. It wont be big but I feel I could do more as time goes on. In the meantime.. please keep up the good work.


Lisana's picture

Best wishes for you.
I hope you will be better every day.


Lisana Sissy Dreamer
My Tumblr
Begging for support poor Sissy Lisana
Be the Patron, please?

Jacqueline's picture

Hello Melissa. I wish both you and Renee a very Merry Christmas. And I also send best wishes for your complete recovery. I'll stuff a little extra donation into your Christmas stocking this month. And I hope my friends will do that same if they can.
Love and Hugs

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

Cherry Jean's picture

Xmas wishes and hugs

beneathuk_chloe's picture

Standing desks are awesome - also burn more Calories standing than sitting ;). Hope you heal fully, for what it's worth I have had back issues over the years due largely to sporting injuries. I highly recommend the book Back Mechanic by Dr Stu McGill.

Get well soon.


flooberdoober101's picture

That's super good news Melissa. I hope things keep progressing as expected...or a little better.

Donation on the way.




Taffy Silk's picture

That's much better news.

Trouble is that if you stand up, you'll be able to see more of the naughty things we're up to.

Jacqueline's picture


Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

Taffy Silk's picture

Yes, you, you're the one!
Miss Melissa, did you see what Jacqueline did? She was naughty and something should be done!

Jacqueline's picture

No I didn't Miss Melissa, Taffy is making things up again. I stick out my tongue at my friend and back out of the room, hands covering my butt.

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

Alison Anderson's picture

I have made another contribution this month. Is that offer of sissies still open? I could always use their help any time of year.

My proximity to New York is no secret. So I suggest send a couple of sissies to meet me. Please provide black-out glasses and earplugs with noise cancellation so that they will not be able to learn of my exact address. I suggest meeting me by the information booth at Grand Central Terminal.


Please, please! tell them to wait for me there, and not try to put on a show. Last time, after performing "On the Good Ship Lollipop" and "New York, New York", playing choo-choo, and posing with the crowd, they nearly got kicked out. We don't want sissies on the loose in New York.

OOC (Out Of Character):
I actually know three of those sissies personally. I even had the chance to participate, but was not that brave. You can read more about it here.


Innocence's picture

Very glad to hear that you're on the mend! Much love and hope you had happy holidays!

Kathy lynn's picture

Hello goddest Melissa, and hello to all my friends that I know and the 0nes I hope to meet,

Giggle ....YA,I know How you feel, I love this place....'But' it can be so hard sometimes you just don't walk away, but you can't because you love this place...I Enjoy The thing that you enjoy giving us,that's why I Call You goddest....

I been under attack last week and this week too......So I do understand, Sometimes Life would be so much easier Without lacy,,,,YES it would but I love this place I can't leave.......

Thank you Melissa

Mistress Kathy Lynn is her to give you your deepest desire

"I am branded and tattooed ... 'M'M.....for Monique her Mistress her owner her Goddess"