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Disclaimer bimbo girl Melanie is not responsible for symptoms of brain leakage

The ability of crawling on the floor and mouth leakage

Dear readers you shouldn't read melanies story if you do you will suffer mood flashes loss of appetite

And diehrea and it will cause you to lose your balance

You will have the urge to crawl on all fours

Please stop reading now you have a chance to save yourself

The story will begin no on one will blame you if you want to close it and not read it

Now the story begins but you haven't heeded my warning

Warning there will be obscenities and cursing

Yet after the warning you want to continue reading

No I wasn't warning the readers about melanies tail what are you doing

Please noooo*

Sorry about that but it seems like the Warning girl had a accident

We in the project advise you to read inn here its goes

Its a dark and stormy night and I was sent to the sugar alleys with my pink purse

And my lollipops ..

I was in a dingy alley ways there was shards of cutty cuutyy.

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I dropped down on all fours

I dropped down on all fours and I rubbed inn the clients lollipop with candy balls

I can't giggle giggle wait for the milky

I pull out his lollipop and I open in awe I like the tip a few slums

Lick lick and lick and lick lick lick

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