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The girls and Simon returned to the flat fully laden with shopping bags. As they entered the flats Simon looked up and noticed the neighbour they had chatted to waving at them. Without realising it he returned his wave. Laura noticed him wave and asked what he was doing ? until she noticed who he was waving at. "Oh My God" she said to Sarah, "look at him waving at his creepy neighbour". Both girls fell into fits of laughter and Simon looked at them puzzlingly. "Come on let's get him inside" said Laura.
They entered the flat and threw all of their purchases down onto the sofa and kicked off their shoes. Sarah looked Simon square in the eyes and told him to go and lay on the bed. "You need all the rest that you can get before tonight's party" she told him. He laid down and closed his eyes and was immediately sleeping.
3 hours later the girls woke Simon and told him that it was time to get ready. His dress was hanging on the wardrobe and Laura sat him at the vanity unit and started to remove his makeup from earlier. She re-applied his makeup giving him more of a party look with glitter eyeshadow and more mascara on his lashes. She also gave him lip gloss to show off his pout. They used some tape to pull his breasts together before pushing them into a wonderbra which gave him the illusion of a deep cleavage. They then put his dress on him and did the zip up. He looked fantastic but Sarah wanted to work on his hair so they sat him back at the vanity where she expertly used some curling tongs to create a beautiful party style. They slipped his shoes on to his feet and Laura took out her phone and told Simon to pose in front of the full length mirror which he did with no protests whatsoever.

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There is no saying sorry Simon part 9

Loved the story and ideas on doing more.

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Loved it

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