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From my reckoning it was now Saturday and I knew that the shop was not open on Sundays. So was I going to be left here all on my own for 30+ hours ? Becky came up beside me and whispered in my ear "we have a little treat for you today honey" she said. "We don't want you to be lonely this weekend so we are going to introduce you to some new friends" . Trevor joined Becky behind me and she told him to go and get my new friends and bring them to the shop window. As he walked away Becky lowered the window shutters to keep out any prying eyes. I could hear Trevor struggling to bring something across the shop floor to where we were standing. He had 2 more of the metal stands similar to the one that I had been strapped to for the past week. Becky helped him to position them each side of me and then Trevor went off again to the back of the shop. Becky was still adjusting the frames when I heard Trevor approaching us again. This time he had a mannequin draped over his shoulder. He lowered it gently onto one of the frames and held it in place as Becky fastened it to the frame with belts and straps. Once she was happy with its position she opened up a large box and lifted out a beautiful full length bridal gown and proceeded to lower it over the mannequins head and down its body. She made some final adjustments before standing back to admire her work. Then Trevor came back with another mannequin and did the same thing on the other frame to my left. Becky again attached it to the frame and again put a wedding gown onto it before making some final adjustments to it. Then it was my turn. Becky proceeded to unfasten the back of the dress that I was wearing and took it off over my head. A large box was placed at my feet and a dress was lifted out of it and fitted onto my still body. As Becky moved the gown into place she started to tell me about the other 2 mannequins that had joined me in the shop window. "To your left is Mike, he used to be a friend of Trevor's, but he made the massive mistake of having an affair with Trevor's then wife. So this is where he has ended up" she told me "and to your right is Adam. He is my ex husband and he also made the big mistake of having an affair with my best friend Erica, so this is where he has ended up". "You will have most of the weekend to become acquainted" she whispered in my ear".
So here we were, 3 men that had crossed Becky and paid the consequences. I couldn't help but wonder how long these guys had been in this predicament ?
Then slowly the shutters were raised to reveal the 3 totally paralysed prisoners standing, displaying Beckys beautiful bridal gowns.

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I was turned into a bridal mannequin #6

Cute story cant wait for part 7 if there is a part 7.

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Loved it

pink bimbo Sissy to Goddess Darque

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Oh dear what next for our

Oh dear what next for our heroine.Great story and looking forward to the next chapter.

Story Rating: 
Loved it


I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.