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Chapter 7

I didn’t sleep very much that night! The bed was very crowded with me and three sexy women.
Two of them had their hand on me, and we were all naked! I snuck out to go to the bathroom.
Masami came in and said, “good morning sexy”!
She had never said that before. Izumi came in right after and said “good morning Atsuko”, and headed for the shower.
Tsukiko came in right after and walked over to me on the toilet, kissed me on the cheek, and said “good morning Atsuko.”
Totally embarrassed as I was on the toilet, I cleaned myself and proceeded to join them in the shower.
We all proceeded to wash and shave each other. Tsukiko asked, “are you looking forward to the party”?
I smiled and said “yes very much!” She looked very embarrassed as she asked, “would you wear my panties?”
Masami looked very concerned as I said, “my costume for the party has already been laid out for me.”
I looked over to Masami and she smiled and walked over to me and kissed me on the lips for the first time!
This shocked me and the rest of the girls. Masami led me over to a chair with a bag on it.
She said “Kaoru wants you to wear what is in the bag to the party”.
Totally naked I looked into the bag. In the bag was a pair of jockey shorts, men’s jeans,
and a man’s shirt! Included was white socks and tennis shoes.
I looked at all this and thought to myself, after living for a week in women’s sexy unmentionables,
this is going to be very awkward going back to a straightlaced jock!
Tsukiko and Izumi went up the stairs and started to decorate the room for the party.
Masami looked at me and said “put on your clothes”! She had put on a tank top and black short shorts.
We looked each other in the eyes! I reached down and put on my jockey underwear and shorts.
Pulled out a T-shirt and socks and tennis shoes. She wrapped her arm around me and led me upstairs.
She whispered in my ear “please have a good time”! For the second time I wondered but that meant.!
Everyone was upstairs in the restaurant except for Kaoru and Shika.
I just thought today was the only day I didn’t have a massage in the morning!
Tsukiko was making some really good smelling hors d’oeuvres! Izumi was blowing up balloons with a helium tank!
Eventually all the cooks, waiters, buss persons, and the rest of the people that made up
Tanabata showed up to the restaurant, Shika and Kaoru still weren’t there when Izumi called to find out where they were?
She couldn’t get through! Mandy came in and sat next to me.
We kissed and – – –
Just then a limousine pulled up in front of the restaurant.
The chauffeur got out and open the door.
We were all at the window looking out as two beautiful, exquisite, geisha got out of the limousine.
We all recognized Kaoru and Shika! Everyone in the restaurant said, let’s not open the doors,
everyone laughed but I went over to the door and unlocked it and bowed to Kaoru.
I said welcome to Tanabata! I could see the tears streaming down her face as she and Shika entered the restaurant!
Shika whispered in my ear, “you look a little different today!”
Masami said “Atsuko, would you get us all a wine?” All of which were of Japanese varieties!
Kaoru said “quiet everyone I have a few announcements to make”.
“First of all, I am incredibly indebted to you for making the first week of Tanabata a success!
I know all of you have made a contribution to this success.
But some of the people in this room deserve special recognition!”
“First of all our financial benefactors. John and George in the corner there, would you like to stand up and take a bow.”
Everyone clapped. Next I would like to thank all the employees.
But it somehow seems inappropriate to thank for that you already know!
Please watch the monitors. Everyone was watching the two screens set up for this occasion.
They saw me making my drinks, the cooks, the waitstaff!

The video stopped. Suddenly Kaoru doubled over in pain!
She looked at me and said “I am sorry”. She collapsed on the floor.
I yelled “call 911” but it was too late! I was devastated.

Shika came over to me and said “it was inevitable.
She had terminal brain cancer but wanted to make contribution!
We all knew the contributions that she made to all of you here!”
I looked up at Shika and saw the pain in her eyes! I looked at her and said “I know how special she was to you!”
She broke down in tears as did I!

We all stood and stared as her body was being slowly rolled out of the restaurant!
Shika handed me an envelope addressed to me. She said please don’t open it until her funeral.
I looked at her tears running down her face. I ran to the doors but didn’t go out! I couldn’t leave.
The four girls came over to me as I said a prayer for Kaoru.
We went downstairs to the bedroom to cry and sleep between satin sheets together.

The next morning I dressed and went upstairs to find all four girls making arrangements.
Masami said the funeral would be Tuesday and burial on Wednesday. I couldn’t speak.
I just looked at the four of them not knowing what to say.

I put a sign on the door saying we were closed temporarily.
This was very awkward because we had just opened Tanabata!
Shika came over to me and whispered in my ear.
I must’ve looked shocked! But I thought about it and nodded to Shika, and said yes!

Tuesday came and the four of them and I went into the shower.
I again was shaved head to toe and they put the same makeup on me and prepared me as they did on Saturday.
They slid the antique dress back on me as well as the sandals.
They took me out the front door of the restaurant.
I realized this was the first time I was outside the restaurant since the first time I saw Kaoru!
We went to the funeral home which was full of many people I had never met.
They looked at me strangely at first, glanced at Shika, and then smiled at me.
I walked up to the casket, said a silent prayer and bent over to kiss her on her forehead.
Everyone in the room was crying.
Shika came over to me and asked if I brought the envelope?
I smiled and said yes, I remembered what she said about not opening it until the funeral.
She said “open it now”! Shika called the other girls over as I opened the envelope.
She knew what it said and what I was about to say.
I read the letter that was inside the envelope and there were other papers inside the envelope as well.
The letter said I was now the owner of Tanabata! She said please be kind to Shika my partner.
And please embrace Tsukiko, Izumi, and especially Masami! The other papers in the envelope where the legal documents turning over ownership of the restaurant to me.

My head in an absolute spin right now, not knowing what to do or say, still in my antique geisha dress and makeup – I did not cry.
I brought the four girls together and knelt before them.
They cried and knelt beside me as I prayed the Our Father.
I stood up and turned around and the small man who gave me the pamphlet to work at Tanabata was standing before me with tears in his eyes.
Shika gave out a startle seeing he was there and knelt before him.
I then understood he was Kaoru’s father!
I bowed to him and he smiled. He came up to me and very uncharacteristically – hugged me!
He whispered in my ear in very broken Japanese, “Kaoru was very fond of you.”
I finally broke down and cried.

The four girls and I went back to the restaurant where I was undressed! I said to the girls I would like to sleep alone tonight. They bowed to me and I went downstairs to – sleep between satin sheets alone!


Masami and I eventually married.
Shika being made of honor. Kaoru’s father was there and we got to know each other a little bit.
I turned over the day to day business of Tanabata to Tsukiko and Izumi. Mandy took over hostess and waitstaff.

I still bartend occasionally, always dressed as a geisha! I know Kaoru would love that I kept up that tradition! The restaurant was a big hit, made a lot of money, but the loss of Kaoru would always rest heavy on my heart!

The end

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Asain story chapter 7

I loved the ending but why did you have to write it so soon. You could have waited for a little bit.

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i have mixed feelings.

crushed...that ending is not hapily ever after....
the other thing is transition of Atsuko....

kissess for other sissies ;)

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Loved it

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I am moved to tears

this end is somewhat sadness,but i love it,it is wonderful!

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Loved it