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Chapter 6

The rest of the week went pretty much the same.
Masami waking me up in the morning, giving me my morning massage, and morning hypnotherapy!
By this time I figured out what was happening in the morning.
But I couldn’t avoid it or even challenge it! Masami did her job well.
The dresses and gowns got progressively more elaborate, sexy, and challenging to be sure! (Try making drinks in a geisha dress!)
The week went on and we had lines outside trying to get tables.
We also had people who just wanted to sit at the bar to be with me!
Shika asked Kaoru, “where did you find him?” Kaoru answered “all will be known on Sunday!”
But first came the first Saturday that Tanabata was opened.
Kaoru said that morning, “this is a very special day. The end of our first week, and our busiest day.”
“Atsuko you will be at your finest tonight. I have a very special dress for you this evening!
This dress was worn more than 80 years ago by geisha!”
She lifted a garment bag and hung it on a hook on the wall.
She unzipped the bag to unveil a heavy beautiful dress again satin with the soft side in.
All the others in the room took in a breath and stared at the dress!
Shika said ”Atsuko you are so lucky!” Kaoru said “let’s get Atsuko ready!”
They led me to the basement into the shower. They scrubbed my body until it was raw.
I glanced over to Kaoru and our eyes met as she took off the necklace that held the key.
She smiled and walked over to me and put the key into the lock and took it off.
They took the cage off and the ring. Kaoru said, “tonight she must be perfect.
Tuck him properly tonight!” Masami unlocked a door, opened it went into a small room and brought back a roll of tape.
The tape was almost 3 inches wide!
We went into the shower and all five girls were shaving me again until there was no hair below my head.
As we cooled down after the shower and I became dry Kaoru nodded
and Tsukiko on one side and Izumi on the other pushed my testicles into my body and
Masami pushed my penis back into my body as well.
They then took the 3 inch tape and strapped it all into place!
Shika came over to me and whispered in my ear, “please don’t drink anything, it will be very awkward!”
I looked down and there was nothing down there!
Masami came over to me with a very small satin thong, and proceeded to pull it up my freshly shaven legs.
Izumi said “no nylons tonight!” Kaoru opened a bag that held pair of shoes.
They all proceeded to with my makeup. They used sprays, chemicals, lipstick, sealers, polish! I was glancing over at the shoes.
They were sandals maybe 2 inches high. By today’s standards they were very sexy.
They opened the garment bag and very gingerly brought the dress over to me and slipped it over my legs.
I put my arms into the openings. It felt so sexy sliding up my body.
Kaoru came over and walked behind me and zipped up the dress!
The feeling of the dress on my almost naked body was unbelievable.
All the girls began to hover around me fastening the cuffs, touching up my makeup to match the dress,
putting another clearcoat to my fingernails, putting the sandals on my feet strapping them on, adjusting my wig!
Kaoru said "it's time to open Tanabata!" The girls helped me up the stairs with my skirt.
I thought to myself this is going to be a difficult evening.
I looked over to see Dan looking at me almost dazed! I smiled over to him and nodded.
Shika unlocked the front doors and the patrons started crowding the bar.
They had no idea the geisha behind the bar was a man!
I could not take a step or make a drink without being aroused by the dress I was wearing!
I talked in a very feminine way! I think Dan sold over 100 “Satin” drinks.
The dress itself is very heavy but at least I wasn’t on very high heels!
The way I was taped I couldn’t get very excited but as I made every drink and walked behind the bar in the satin dress
– – – I looked over at Kaoru and she was looking at me smiling!
I glanced around the room and saw Izumi, Tsukiko, Masami, and finally Shika, all looking at me
and suddenly I looked over and saw Dan doing the same thing!
The room started spinning and suddenly everything fell into place.
Dan was Mandy! A true female!
Shika came over to me, put her hand on my breast and Kaoru came over to my other side and did the same,
Kaoru whispered in my ear, “do you understand now?” I looked at Shika and smiled!
Soon Saturday was over. All the guests were gone, most of the employees were gone.
I looked over and Dan or shall I say Mandy came over to me and kissed me on my cheek!
She walked out and Masami came over to me and did the same!
They all did! Kaoru came over and unzipped my dress as Izumi and
Tsukiko undid my sleeves and slowly slid the dress down my body.
They hung the dress and put it back into the garment bag.
Kaoru said “tomorrow that dress goes back to a museum in Japan, that’s where I borrowed it from!”
I was wearing a museum piece! I thought of the women who wore it before me!
I was now standing naked wearing a thong, with no genitals, with five sexy women around me!
Kaoru said, “Masami make sure he’s ready for the party tomorrow, Atsuko has done well!
Tomorrow I will tell only the truth!”
She and Shika left the restaurant, but tonight was different.
Izumi, Tsukiko and Masami took me downstairs. Masami started the shower and we all, naked, went in together.
Tsukiko took off my thong and Izumi began to peel off the tape.
They all took turns rubbing the adhesive off of my skin.
I dropped out soon after and we all went naked between satin sheets together.!!!

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Asian story chapter 6

Cute story so far so sad to see it end in the next part. I loved it.

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Loved it

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i love the story

I love the story
i love when Atsuko feels clothes on Her.
I love touch of tights on my skin as well ;)

waiitng for next chapter

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Loved it

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Another excellent instalment

Another excellent instalment . Looking forward to more. Thanks Satin.

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Loved it


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