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I'm a guy I was invited to a party it was a costume party

I went to the costume shop unfortunately the only costume was a sexy devil costume

I bit the arrow I sigh and bought the costume

What I didn't know was that was a magic shop


I slipped in to the costume miraculously I changed my horns grew longer
I thought I was hallucinating the ordeal

Then my cock disappeared it got me shocked I screamed *
I wasn't believing what was happening to me

its a trick just shows and tricks

As I looked in horror as my chest morphed into a woman body

It was happening before my eyes *

I found myself crying out for it to stop I white line shined on me and the transformation was complete

I found myself getting on motorcycle and driving on the edge the motorcycle changed before my eyes the devil costumed disappeared in place I was wearing a angel costume

I started saying hey big boys who wants to Fuck a Angel

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Just one of the girls.

That should be a new tv show instead of touched by an angel now it should be fucked a angel.

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Sinfully Delicious

Once you've had this belle, you're going to Hell.

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But it wasn't a costume my

But it wasn't a costume my body mutated and the angel wings came out of my backside in a painful manner

A halo rose over my head

I jumped down to my knees

I rubbed his crotch with my nose

I held his zipper with one finger letting it slide down as I saw his huge pecker and my mouth

Drops open when I saw his penis

I don't waste time I start with light tip licking of his cock *

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