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I am lying on a beach sunning myself, I can feel the coarse sand under me, but it feels a little cool. Going to move the blanket around me I find I can’t move my hands; something is holding them behind me! Opening my eyes its dark, this is very wrong for a sunny beach and I awake with a start and a jolt, the world comes flashing back to me, I’m not on a beach at all, but a captive damsel chained to a tree in the middle of an empty woods and its now night time. I was dreaming but at least asleep I think, but for how long?

It must be the middle of the night and the woods is now pitch black, not a single ray of moonlight is making any shadows at all. The sand under me is the dirt and leaves under the tree and I am cold because I can’t cover myself, my legs only have thin and now laddered stockings on. The blouse I am wearing is more off than on with the bra having fallen completely to around my waist with no shoulder straps to hold it up and hanging uselessly around my arms. I remember now that the belt was programmed to torment me for no longer than twelve hours and the time lock for fourteen hours. I’m glad the torment is over, but the time lock is of no consequence, as I do not have the key to unlock it now, except for the spare back in the backyard of my apartment, which of course I cannot get back too as I am chained to this tree! I moan into my gag at what have I done to myself…………..I start crying again and again…………………So fucking stupid am I and someone has my real keys, someone knows I am here, maybe I will be rescued from this self inflicted plight. But that brings on fresh worries, who knows I was going to do this to myself. I shiver violently, not sure if it’s the nighttime cold seeping into my body or the fear of what I now face as my situation.

I start shivering continuously as the cold begins to bite, I shiver so much I start to think I am going to die of the cold first before lack of water. Soon I cannot feel my feet or hands and shut my eyes trying to think of better things than my plight here chained to this tree……………………...........................................................


I feel a pain in my side and then again.

“Wake up, wake up”

My eyes open, its daylight, I’m in the sun and warm, I’m saved, someone has found me.

“On your feet slut!”

Moving my head to see who is asking me to get up in such a harsh manner.

“I said on your feet slut!”

Into my vision is the guy from yesterday, the one who was the photographer for the girl in the kinky leather outfit.


My side hurts as his foot kicks me in the waist, a little harder this time.

“Hey don’t bruise her yet, she has to arrive in best condition”

“I said, on your feet cunt”

I haul myself up off the ground feeling stiff as anything from my cold sleep and the hard ground as my bed.

“Someone had a rough night babe, did you enjoy it, I hope so, because you are just the type of girl we have been looking for”

“memmkef denflk fenefeek fuufjfl nool”

I try to tell them that I am not a girl and this is not what it seems.

“Yeah I know you didn’t count on us swapping the keys out on you, but I bet you had your best orgasm when you found out you couldn’t escape from this, didn’t you slut. Yes I know your type just thrives on kicks like this don’t they babe”

She has to be kidding me doesn’t she?

“iin ruumedd tteccll ccenelen oohuul hool”


“Oh don’t you worry slut, I am going to look after you personally from now on”

My eyes widen in horror, these two are not going to free me, they think I am a real girl and that I just love being tied up in bondage! The guy approaches me and takes hold of a breast squeezing it until the pain in my nipple underneath causes me to tear up.

“Jesus! How many times do I have to tell you no bruises! For fuck sake”

“Shut up bitch, she has to understand her place and I am the man here! Now clear this place up while I get her ready”

Out of nowhere he produces a collar with a lead attached and fastens it around my neck, there is nothing I can do to stop him, then out of his pocket appears a bunch of keys, my bunch of keys. He moves around to the back of me and the chain connecting my ankle to the tree is unlocked, next he crouches down and the hobble chain around my ankles is removed but that is all. I am still handcuffed behind my back and hobbled by the thigh hoops linked together under my skirt, which I am pleased has fallen back in place.

The woman picks up all the discarded items in the clearing including my camera, my discarded panties and my backpack, only the rope and the ice timer remain tied off up in the tree when she has finished.

“Ok bitch, time for walkies.”

Continued in part 11 CLICK HERE……………………….

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Better and better

This story becomes better and better with each new chapter

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Loved it
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Great story!

You paint a very clear picture! A rare talent.
Thanks for your story

Love Satin

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Loved it

I curtsy and bow to all those
who look upon my stories !

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One step to far part 10

Great story as usual what will happen next ? Can't wait for the next part.

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Loved it

pink bimbo Sissy to Goddess Darque

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Posted Part 11 Click Here

Posted Part 11 Click Here


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