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Recovering from the enforced exercise, I feel my bladder calling, oh no, I am going to have to take a piss soon. I try and ignore the feeling for a while, but you know when you have to go and I have to go soon. It strikes me its probably better to go now when the belt is not in one of its more active modes than to hold off as long as possible. Picking myself up I hobble around the tree the best I can to put the tree between myself and the camera. Then squatting the best I can hobbled, I think about my panties and from behind under my skirt manage to hook a thumb through the waist elastic to pull the material down one leg and then do the other side and let my bladder go.

The resultant spray that comes out from behind the metal shield goes everywhere and I needn’t have bothered about pulling the panties out of the way as they end up soaking anyway! Great as well as everything else I now have wet panties to sit in, reaching around with my hands to the ties at each side I pull on the strings and the panties undone fall to the ground. Now I don’t have to wear them, but I will not be able to get them back on either I realise if I wanted to, not that I do, they are soaking wet with pee. As I stand back up a few more drips fall between my legs as the shield lets the last of my pee out and I hobble back to my sitting position on the other side of the tree. Feeling humiliated and very vulnerable at my total helplessness that I have placed myself in, having to squat and pee like that, soaking my panties to the point I want them off and now the metal chastity belt will be clearly seen in the camera’s photo’s or to anyone else who happen to chance on me.

The rest of the late afternoon and early evening is spent with more cycles of punishment and pleasure from my belt, each is just as bad as the first ones. In between each belt session I gaze up at the keys and the very slow drip that indicates release is getting closer, it must be. All I want now is to be released and head for my apartment a good two hours of walking away yet and that is almost certainly going to be in the dark now as the light is beginning to fade away as the shadows in the clearing are get longer.

Its then that I hear the keys hit the ground beside me! The ice has fully melted and I can free myself from this torment at last. Its still light meaning around 9pm I guess, two hours earlier than I thought, or two hours later than I thought, shit stop thinking and just get out of this!


I grab the bunch of keys beside me and taking the one that looks like the handcuff key try to unlock my hands behind me in the cuffs. I struggle as its behind me to get the key to line up with the keyhole, eventually getting there and inserting it into the hole. Twist the key, but it comes up solid and the cuff stays locked! Try the key in the other cuff and the same thing happens again! Bring the bunch of keys back around the side of my waist to see them again.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I scream into my mouth gag.

The keys are not the ones I tied up under the ice release earlier this morning, these are not my keys but someone else’s! A number of the bunch of keys look similar, but a number do not and most strikingly is the missing chastity belt key!


The whole bunch of keys are useless not one of them works any of the padlocks I can reach bound as I am. Someone has exchanged this bunch of keys for the set I need, but who? My head and eyes dart around for any sign of anyone but in the growing gloom I can’t see anyone and of course haven’t seen anyone all afternoon and evening!

Its then that the belt decides I need to do more exercise and starts shocking my clitty to get me to start moving, all thoughts of my predicament and what on earth has happened go out of my head as for the next thirty minutes I am forced to keep moving or be shocked.

Eventually I sump back down at the bottom of the tree trunk again, the light now has nearly failed and is well into dusk, night time approaches fast and I am stuck here chained to this fucking tree, with a fucking chastity belt on that controls me and a penis gag shoved into my mouth! I begin to cry, I have fucked up big style and I am going die here like this I begin thinking, rationality going right out of my head with the circumstances I find myself in.

The tears roll down my cheeks and drip off my chin landing on my exposed breasts, all the time just out of reach I know the camera is taking its photographs of me still endlessly. Photographs that when eventually I am found will prove I did this to myself all by myself!

Nighttime is worse than daytime, far worse, the shadows of the woods come out to haunt you and trick your mind that things are moving and not what they really are. Several times I think I am being watched by a small crowd of people and I cry out through my gag with muffled muted noises asking for help. But the shadows just laugh back at me and stay as shadows dancing around in the soft nighttime light that keeps changing all the time. The night creatures too come out to forage and hunt, coming into the clearing in the weak moon light showing and allowing me to see them and follow them around, until they suddenly become aware of the strange creature under the tree and scamper for cover, something I am unable to do myself.


Oh God how long will I survive like this without food and more importantly water, I’m so thirsty.

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One step to far part 9

Great story so far Yas keep them coming.

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i am getting scared...

what will happen, what about keys?

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eager to read more

Can't wait to read more

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Part 10 has been posted HERE

Part 10 has been posted HERE

PS I'm on holiday this week so things are very slow


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